Occupy- Help Find a Killer! (DNA at unsolved murder)

Occupy- Help Find a Killer! (DNA at unsolved murder)

If you know me, you know I oppose the Occupy movement.  That said read my analysis and “call to action”. The important issue here is that a killer needs to be identified now!

DNA on a chain at a March 2012 Occupy Wall Street protest has been reportedly been matched with DNA near the scene of the unsolved 2004 killing of a 21-year-old student in New York City.  Her naked body was found in a park a week after she disappeared while out for a run.  The chain DNA matches with DNA found on the victim’s CD player, which was found in the park days after her body.

The chain comes from a March protest, by folks claiming allegiance to Occupy, to allow illegal free access to the transit system by keeping emergency exits open.

What is the significance of this DNA match?  At the very least, a person who left DNA on the chain also left DNA on the victim’s CD player.  Hopefully, when this lead is developed the person who killed her will be spending the rest of their life in jail.

However, based on the information released thus far, what do we know for sure?  First, an unknown person touched the chain at some point after its manufacture.  Second, that same person touched the victim’s CD player at some point after its manufacture. It bears repeating that the CD player was found some days after the victim’s body.  Did this DNA producer find the CD player in the park after the murder and then discard it? Maybe.  If the DNA does not match the actual killer we can at least hope the person it belongs to can offer previously unknown information that will lead to the killer.  Bottom line is that a killer is freely walking the streets; even the most radical Occupier would acknowledge that is a bad thing.  In short, Occupiers may have information that can put a cold-blooded killer in jail.

I call on all Occupy “associates” with any knowledge of the subway protest to contact police with any information they have, you can not possibly know what thread, what seemingly insignificant piece of information you have can lead to the identification of this killer.  Occupy- do the right thing for this murder victim!

>>>>>>>>>>> UPDATE 7/12/12;  Now reports are questioning whether DNA match was erroneous?  This is what happens when the MSM rely on “unamed sources”?  Click Here for Update

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