Occupy Preps Biden for Debate? ‘Mic Check’

Occupy Preps Biden for Debate? ‘Mic Check’

Well, what kind of debate was that?  Kudos though to moderator Martha Raddatz for doing a much better job then Jim Lehrer did at “Romney vs. Obama I”.  Then again, even Clint Eastwood’s empty chair would have done better then Lehrer.  Nevertheless, Vice President Joe Biden made a fool of himself by constantly interrupting and trying to talk over Paul Ryan.  Query: Is “Biden making a fool of himself” an oxymoron? 

Recall how foolish Occupy libidiots look every time they try to exercise their bizarro concept of free speech by interrupting and yelling over folks trying to give speeches.  Even His Holiness President Obama was subjected to these moronic tactics along with Newt Gingrich, et al.

Simply put, by trying to suppress Paul Ryan’s participation in the debate, Biden did not act presidential .   Let us not forget Uncle Joe is presently a heartbeat away from being the president should President Obama be unable to fulfill the duties of the office for any reason.  One could easily go on ad nauseum about Biden’s un-presidential snickering, laughing and smiling throughout the debate but why waste my time?

Bottom line, given the “heartbeat-away-from-being-president” theorem that envelopes the Office of the Vice President, who do you think acted Presidential last night?

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