OccupyBawlStreet Greatest Quotes (Pt. 2)

OccupyBawlStreet Greatest Quotes (Pt. 2)

Well, it’s MONDAY and I’m tired, ok? So I took my favorite line from some posts since my last “Greatest…” and linked to the original post. I’ll try harder tommorow…??

“Don’t get me wrong, I am all for the capitalist aspects of this day, pump money into the economy and all that.” St. Valentine’s Day Origins??

“The question one walks away with after viewing this movie is why does a literal interpretation of Islam focus on a luxurious life after death rather than bettering one’s life on earth?” “Islam What the West Needs to Know” DVD review

“It is clear that the only folks who would not want this DVD shown are the very people the DVD warns us about, the Islamic Jihadists already on our soil.” “The Third Jihad” DVD review, MUST READ!

“Little more then ten years after September 11, 2001 are we to forget the FACT that the attacks were carried out by Muslim extremists in the name of Islam?” NYPD Surveillance of Muslims is GOOD!!

“Our anarchist friends have decided not to join this phase of Occupy because there are no American corporations present in Homs.” Occupy Movement to Homs Syria as Human Shields??

“[I]t is important to note that over 10 years after the attacks many families have yet to receive even partial remains of their loved one.” 1,120 NYC 9/11 Victims Still Not Recovered 2/29/12

“OccupyBawlStreet.com is anti-Occupy, we mock them at every opportunity.” Boycott Ben & Jerry’s For Their Occupy Support!!

“When CIA heroes die in the line of duty, they are recognized with an anonymous star on the CIA’s Memorial Wall.” Support the CIA Officers Memorial Foundation

“Dare I say that Occupy might then actually have an impact on an issue of human suffering that truly matters?” Has the Darfur Genocide Ended??

“To properly evaluate the potential veracity of Iran’s peaceful proclamations, one must have a basic understanding of the Islamic Doctrine of Deception.”  Islamic Iran Concealing Nuclear Reality?

“If this brief post educates even just one person in addition to myself then it’s time well spent.” Kony2012 What I Learned

“As surely as crocuses emerge following winter’s chill, Occupy stupidity was on display once again…” Occupy Elections?

“In recent postings across the internet (March of 2012!!), I have been disturbed to find that some folks claim there is no evidence that UBL was behind the 9/11 attacks.” UBL Was behind 9/11!!

“In the end one is compelled to ponder, why do these three men NOT focus their energies on the far more prevalent problem of black-on-black crime in America?” TRAYVON MARTIN Shooting- Civil Rights Activism or Racist Opportunism?

“The leader of the New Black Panther Party was too extreme for Louis Farrakhan? Yikes!” New Black Panther Party- American Jihadists?

“If it ain’t an Official OccupyBawlStreet.com hoodie, it’s just a do-rag!!” “Million Hoodie March” Official Supplier!!


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