OccupyBawlStreet Greatest Quotes (Pt. 3)

OccupyBawlStreet Greatest Quotes (Pt. 3)

 Well, it’s MONDAY…., ok? So I took my favorite line from some posts since my last “Greatest…” (4/2/12)  and linked to the original post. I’ll try harder tomorrow…??

“The knowledge derived from this book allows us infidels to defend ourselves against the threat of Islamic jihad.” 4/16/12 The Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran (Book Review)

The question that enters my mind is as follows; If we infidels behave as Allah wills it, why do Muslims, and apparently Allah, despise us for following Allah’s will?” 4/17/12  Question re: Islamic Theology

“Bottom line, Ted Nugent will NOT be prosecuted for anything by anyone as a result of this statement!!” 4/18/12  The FULL UNEDITED Ted Nugent NRA video!!

“We must be ever vigilant against these left wing loons who would suppress our right to engage in political discourse.”  4/20/12 “Left Rant Fever” Ted Nugent, Free Speech and the Left

“The literal interpretation of the Koran as long taught by and to so-called “extremists” will not change simply because the Obama administration wishes it to be true.” 4/24/12 The War on Terror is Over??

“In short, the First Amendment does not permit an active duty member of the military to publicy repudiate their oath of service regardless of their personal views.” 4/26/12 Sgt. Gary Stein & the First Amendment

“So, it is my humble opinion that Clinton himself, or his “administration”, had three opportunities to “get” Bin Laden and he blew it.” 5/2/12 One Chance vs. Three Chances: Obama, Clinton & Bin Laden

“So, I went back to my very first Youtube post (“Gay Marriage Yea or Nay”) which was waaaaaay too long and cut it to 1 minute13 seconds AND retitled it!  I think it is MUCH better now, possibly funnier?” 5/7/12 SO, YA WANNA GET MARRIED, DO YA?

“As a hard-core Capitalist who has also abused Occupy for my own fun (ie., see my domain name) I love this woman for using Occupy to further her own Capitalist goals!” 5/8/12 Wall Streeter Fools Occupy!! Alexis Goldstein

“Why are we learning so much about the operational techniques used by the CIA in this specific operation?” 5/9/12 Loose Lips Sink Future CIA Operations

“The President’s re-election is thus more important to some folks (ie. Obama and/or his supporters) then the clear and present danger presented to all of us by Islamic Jihad!” 5/15/12 Underwear Bomb Leaks Benefit Obama

“He who represents himself has a fool for a client” – Abraham Lincoln 5/25/12 WHY IS BRETT KIMBERLIN NOT IN JAIL?? DISORDER IN DA COURT Pt. 1

“I post these pics as a public service; given his past history of criminal activity, ya probably want to know if you see him lurking about.” 5/25/12 Recent Pictures of Brent Kimberlin

“‘All I need to know about Islam, I learned on 9/11’ That statement makes for a great bumper sticker and was actually this writer’s viewpoint for a good many years.” 5/29/12 Islamic Jihad 101- A Patriot’s Introduction Pt. 1 of 7

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