OccupyBawlStreet Greatest Quotes (Pt. 4)

OccupyBawlStreet Greatest Quotes (Pt. 4)

Well, it’s a tuff MONDAY…., ok? So I took my favorite line from some posts since my last “Greatest…” (6/11/12)  and linked to the original post. If nothing else, this will give you an overview of what I write about.

“The narrative that the media circulates [about “Innocence of Muslims”] fails to answer crucial questions behind the mystery of this film… So, who is this man behind the film Innocence of Muslims?” Innocence of Muslims Video Tied to Jihadists by Wahlid Shoebat

When an old media jihadist-appeaser cowers under their desk while criticizing a new media counter-jihadist, you know that whatever the counter-jihadist did to attract the criticism is all the more important. Cowardly Complaint About Pamela Geller & the Counter-Jihad

So, Reid is in fact pointing out the “loophole” that Patriotic Americans like Romney are permitted to pay more income taxes then they legally owe! Reid, Romney & Tax Returns: GIVE IT A REST HARRY!

So some “radical” Muslims, and Islamic appeasers want to limit Free Speech in the United States? This artwork is dedicated to them and all Jihadists. Muslim Seeing Eye Dog (cartoon)

The Swedish artist (do not call him a cartoonist!!) has a fatwah against him for a sketch (don’t call it a cartoon!!) that offended Muslims. Lars Vilks: Accidental Counter Jihadist (Mohammed Cartoon)

In the shadow of the United Nations, that iconic bastion of do-nothingness, Stop Islamization of Nations (SION) held the First Session of the World Congress in Defense of Free Speech on September 11, 2012. Stop Islamization of Nations World Congress for Free Speech

Did you hear the song lyrics as President Barack Obama entered for his 2012 Democratic National Convention speech? OBAMA 2012 DNC SPEECH “The More You See the Less You Know” (w/ vid)

So, next time you hear somebody say our next President did not mention the troops in his speech, straighten them out for me, eh? FACT CHECK Romney DID Mention Troops in RNC Speech!!

Yea, I know; idiotic speeches galore at the Democratic National Convention and here I am grumbling about Obama, Biden & Dems spiking the UBL football. Seals Must Be Humble Whilst Obama & Biden Spike UBL Football?

Folks in the theater sang “God Bless America” after this movie ended because it exposes President Obama’s ugly anti-American theology and the roots thereof. 2016 Obama’s America (Movie Review)

Intellectually-challenged lefty bellyaching to the contrary, Mitt Romney has in fact made extensive public disclosure of his finances, income and income taxes paid. Romney Tax Returns & Finances Released- Lefty Smoke & Mirrors

Therein lays the error of trying to explain these mass-killing incidents with the politically correct catch-phrase “gun control” instead of exploring the fact of violent radicalization. FALLACY OF GUN CONTROL IN WAKE OF MASS SHOOTINGS

Why is it that almost 11 years after 9/11 the liberal mainstream media is loath to truthfully report the horrors perpetuated in the name of Islam generally and Islamic Sharia law specifically? Where’s the Islam? Liberal Media Whitewashing Horror of Islam

So, I saw this moron’s video (going viral on the web) and thought to myself “What qualifies him to lecture this young lady from the cowardly safety of his car?” Chik Fil A Video Idiot Adam Smith Vante CFO Resume

SOME gay activists believe it is THEIR decision to declare that ALL gay folks must further the activist gay agenda by “outing” themselves in accord with the activists’ whims. Sally Ride to Gays- “Coming Out” is YOUR Choice!

Sadly, with the Sikh temple shooting in Oak Creek Wisconsin, the process of violent radicalization outlined in this post is relevant once again. FORT HOOD REPORT DIGESTED (Pt. 2) (Violent Radicalization)

The Obama Administration must cease its obstruction of the Fast and Furious investigation forthwith. Brian Terry: A Timeline of Death and Politics

Far too many citizens take our police officers for granted or actually dislike them (“sunofabitch gave me a ticket, can ya believe it?”) even though they risk their lives for US everyday. Cop Stabbed in Eye But Fireworks Top the News

Obsession suggests that it is the duty of all moderate Muslims to stand up against the hate of Islamic extremism and to speak against the Jihad. OBSESSION Radical Islam’s War Against the West (DVD review)

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