OccupyBawlStreet Greatest Quotes So Far

OccupyBawlStreet Greatest Quotes So Far

Ok, I know- How can he be doing a “clips” post already? Well, first, it’s MONDAY. Second, I stayed up for the Grammy’s last Night.  To sum it all up, I’m tired!! So I took my favorite line from each post thus far and, hopefully, linked to that original post.  I’ll try harder tommorow, I promise!!

Who needs a Super Pac with shenanigans like this? Obama buys 1.75 Million Votes

I have no doubt that I will lose followers on the various social media sitesbecause of my position but I simply don’t care. One Million Moms in Bed with…??

A well-placed Disney source states the controversial 1946 film “Song of the South” will be released to DVD with an introduction by American President Barack Obama. Obama on Disney Song of The South DVD Release

Reporter “Shallow Esophagus” is currently embedded with one
team of scientists/reasearchers/mental health professionals from this
Federal/State Government program which is tranquilizing, tagging and relocating Occupiers to less populated areas. Protecting Working Americans From Occupiers

She is reportedly a “transgender anarchist”. Seriously! You just can’t make this stuff up!! Occupy Genesis

Our conclusion? You will see Romney on the 2013 season of celebrity apprentice. Mitt to Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice 2013

Liberal Democrats somehow believe that some folks are entitled to suckle at Lady Liberty’s bosom from cradle to grave, generation after generation. Self Sufficiency Key to Success

I’m driving my GMC crew cab heavy duty pickup truck today in circles around the neighborhood just to increase my carbon footprint. Pro-Choice but Drive Safely?

Thus, to use their very tired rhetoric, you have the 1% (“evil”), the entitled 99% (“good”) and then you have hungry homeless folks who are not entitled to any of the occupiers food (“hungry”).Occupiers are Morons Pt2

Go occupy something else ya damn dirty pinko commie sob!Occupiers are Morons Pt1

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