Pamela Geller Chabad Protestor Habeeb Ahmed Crony

Pamela Geller Chabad Protestor Habeeb Ahmed Crony

Geller protestor Ali Azam and Nassau County government speech suppressor Habeeb Ahmed have an affiliation aside from their mutual distaste for Ms. Geller’s views.

The day of the Boston Marathon Bombing, your humble blogger commented on a print report about a talk by counter jihad activist Pamela Geller at Great Neck, Long Island, New York. Pamela Geller Maligned by Newsday Again OBS 5/15/13  

A little background before we proceed.  The short story is that Ms. Geller’s talk at another Great Neck venue was canceled after numerous media reports implicitly, or even overtly, depicted Ms. Geller as anti-Islamic.  In fact, a local government official, Habeeb Ahmed, Commissioner of the Nassau County Human Rights Commission, advocated against Ms. Geller speaking at the first venue.  Repeat- a government official tried to suppress Ms. Geller’s Constitutional Freedom of Speech. (link below)

In my prior article I noted that “of the hundreds at the Chabad Synagogue for Ms. Geller’s talk, Newsday found a single (counter?) protestor handing out pamphlets about Ms. Geller:”  That protestor was quoted as saying:

“Geller has the right to speak, but she shouldn’t be given the pulpit to speak from a house of worship that promotes peace,” said Ali Azam, 48, of Binghamton.  “The way a place of worship shouldn’t invite al-Qaida or the KKK or Nazis.” (HUNDREDS ATTEND TALK- Newsday LI Edition 4/15/2013 p A11 general Link to Newsday, article is behind a paywall )

Note that Mr. Azam is from Binghamton; this is the key that unlocks this story.

Naturally, I had to look into who this Azam from Binghamton is.  Guess what?  Geller protestor Ali Azam and Nassau County government speech suppressor Habeeb Ahmed have an affiliation aside from their mutual distaste for Ms. Geller’s views.

In December of 2008, Ahmed and Azam were co-signatories of a letter posted on a site entitled Al-Jazeerah: Cross-Cultural Understanding.  The letter was to “President-Elect Obama’s Transition Advisory Board”.  That’s all we need to know for purposes of this article.  Ahmed signed in his capacity as “(member Long island Peace Coalition)” while Azam signed as “Aliuddin Azam, Binghamton, NY”.   Notice that Binghamton pops up again.  The letter was found at this link BUT I have it here in .pdf form on my site (scroll down to the yellow highlights at pages 5 & 6).  You know, just in case the original site gets “scrubbed” to cover anyone’s hindquarters.

By the way, I’ll just note for the record that a number of “endorsing organizations” on the letter have “Muslim” in their name.  Nothing wrong with that in itself, but sometimes where there is smoke…

You very well may ask, “how do we know Aliuddin Azam of Binghamton is also Ali Azam of Binghamton”?  In my world, two plus two equals four!  Further confirmation that “they” are one and the same is found in other quotes from “Mr. Azam of Binghamton” found around the interwebs…

Ali Azam, a Binghamton resident said, “The world is not a box we are all human beings. We are all on this earth, you know. We have to care about the environment we have to care about human beings.” A Panel Discussion on Islamophobia date unknown YourNetworkNews

Ali Azam, a protester from Binghamton, said that “our foreign policy is not made here, it is made in Israel.” 10/27/02

Ali Azam, a Johnson City resident [less than three miles from Binghamton- OBS], happened to just be passing by [a 9/11/01 memorial].  “I am so happy that by chance I came to this,” said.  Ali says all the recent anti-Muslim sentiment has made him fearful for his children.  “What will happen to my children’s psychology we tell America is for love and peace and tolerance and when they grow up in this age seeing all this?,” said Azam. But he says seeing the gathering today reminds him of the spirit of America.  “This is the greatness of America which has been forever and it will continue forever it does not matter how hateful the hate mongers and fear mongers do whatever they do,” said Azam. Local Church Holds Roadside Vigil YourNewsNow 9/11/10

Ok, maybe it’s just me, but does Mr. Azam of Binghamton strike you as an anti-Semitic Muslim apologist?

Footnote- I reached out to Mr. Azam via email; no reply thus far…

So there ya go, just another Islamist thread blowing in the wind that I just had to pull…

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