Pamela Geller Maligned by Newsday Again

Pamela Geller Maligned by Newsday Again

If you have concluded Pamela Geller is anti-Islamic based on what you have read in Newsday, that is perfectly understandable.

Yesterday, Sunday April 14, 2013, counter-Jihadist Pamela Geller spoke at Chabad of Great Neck, New York.  Rabbi Geisnsky of Chabad hosted the event after the near-by Great Neck Synagogue canceled the event, citing security concerns after numerous media reports implicitly, or even overtly, depicted Ms. Geller as anti-Islamic.

So, how did the venerable Newsday cover Ms. Geller’s appearance? HUNDREDS ATTEND TALK- Controversial activist denounces national groups calling her a ‘hater’ Newsday LI Edition 4/15/2013 p A11 (this is a general link to Newsday, the print article apparently does not appear online as of this writing; all block quotes herein credit Newsday) So, Newsday says she is “controversial” and that she has been labeled a “hater”.  Let’s read on, perhaps Newsday will tell us just what this evil woman is all about.

Activist Pamela Geller yesterday denounced the national organizations that have classified her Stop Islamization of American initiative as a hate group.

“I am accused of being a hater and a bigot and so on and so forth, because that is the war we are in,: she said, adding that “part of the war is to destroy- and I mean destroy- anyone that speaks the truth.”

Huh? To the uninformed who do not know Ms. Geller, what is this “truth” she speaks about?  Perhaps if the uninformed read on, they’ll be enlightened?

[S]he is “best known for her opposition to an Islamic center and mosque planned near ground Zero…”.

Let’s see, she is against an Islamic Mosque, so she must be anti-Islam?  Is that the inference Newsday wants its uninformed readers are to take away?

“Geller urged people not to smear, slander or marginalize people who speak out against radical Islam.”

Ok, is Ms. Geller one of those who speaks against against radical Islam or does Newsday just want to keep the reader guessing?

“Geller’s organization has been classified as a hate group by the ADL, which fights anti-Semitism and bigotry, and by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors hate groups.”

Oh my! Ms. Geller’s groups have been labeled “hate groups” by groups that sound like they are on the side of good.  So, if they condemn Geller, she must be bad.  But what the heck does she stand for?

Oh, look here, of the hundreds at the Chabad Synagogue for Ms. Geller’s talk, Newsday found a single (counter?) protestor handing out pamphlets about Ms. Geller:

“Geller has the right to speak, but she shouldn’t be given the pulpit to speak from a house of worship that promotes peace,” said Ali Azam, 48, of Binghamton.  “The way a place of worship shouldn’t invite al-Qaida or the KKK or Nazis.”

Wow.  This guy is against Ms. Geller and compares her to Al-Qaida [*IRONY ALERT*], the KKK and Nazis.  Alrighty misinformed Newsday readers, if you have concluded Ms. Geller is anti-Islamic based on what you have read in Newsday thus far, that is perfectly understandable.

If I may, your humble blogger will enter this Newsday article into evidence as Exhibit “A” as to why I no longer subscribe to Newsday.

To be clear, Ms. Geller speaks against Jihad and Sharia.  If anyone can find a single time when Ms. Geller has condemned the entirety of Islam or all Muslims, drop me a line w/ a link or citation. (Good luck with that!)

Since your humble blogger attended Ms. Geller’s talk, I’ll be posting more on this in the next day or two.

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6 thoughts on “Pamela Geller Maligned by Newsday Again

  1. So she speaks well of peaceful Muslims that denounce radicalized fundamentalism withing the Islamic faith?? She actually DOES believe in constitutional freedom of religion as a right for all practicing faiths in the USA?
    Oh, cool. I’ll look for that in the transcripts of her speech.
    Mean ‘ol Newsday.

    • your sarcasm is very entertaining but Ms. Geller does speak of the issues you raise. Read her stuff & learn; don’t let others, myself included, tell you what she says.

      • Freedom of religion is for all, including Muslims BUT not for Islamic Jihadists; you are aware that their interpretation of Islam kills innocent folks, don’t ya?

    • are you kidding? Start w/ Muslim Bortherhood, the look into their arm CAIR… in short, do a modicum of research; visit her site & READ

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