Friends & Foes March Against Jihad- No Obama

Friends & Foes March Against Jihad- No Obama

Jewish Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu marched with Muslim Palestinian President Abbas and other world leaders in response to the attacks in Paris this past week. Conspicuously absent- United States President Barack Obama.  Not even Vice President Joe Biden nor Secretary of State John Kerry showed up. -Grizzly Joe   

More than three million people, many of different political and religious stripes, marched in rallies across the country. Nearly half of them flooded the streets of Paris, transforming its manicured avenues into rivers of humanity, a stunning turnaround for a city that only days ago was savaged by gunfire and bloodshed.

Families and friends of the 17 people killed in the spree of violence moved solemnly at the head of the march. French President François Hollande and a row of leaders, who at times made for strange bedfellows, followed. German Chancellor Angela Merkel walked arm-in-arm with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shook hands with President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita of Mali, which doesn’t have diplomatic relations with Israel.

Neither President Barack Obama nor Vice President Joe Biden made the trip.

Where's Obama? meme

Where’s Obama? meme

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