Germans Debate Muslim Assimilation

Germans Debate Muslim Assimilation

best blog USAThe fact that a violent Muslim Jihadist cell can exist in France raises the question of how Western countries deal with Muslim immigrants who can not or will not assimilate.  Muslims who intentionally insulate themselves from the dominant culture of their adopted home country pose a risk to the non-Muslim culture.  This is not to say that every Muslim who retains their Muslim culture is dangerous.  However, as we learn of “no-go zones” (Muslims enclaves where police dare not venture) in France, we see that the failure to assimilate leads to what are essentially mini Muslim states governed under Sharia law.  These Muslim enclaves provide safe haven for Jihadist terror cells. – Grizzly Joe 

BERLIN (WSJ) —The two-year-old Alternative for Germany built itself into a potent political force with a push to get Germany to quit the euro. After the Paris attacks, though, one of the party’s leaders says it is likely to focus more on the role of Islam in the country.

More of the political debate has to focus on whether Muslims are prepared to integrate into German society, the upstart party’s co-chairman, Konrad Adam, said Sunday.

“The Islamists about which [we have] been warning for 12 weeks have shown today in France that they are not capable of democracy,” the group said on its Facebook page on Wednesday. “Our politicians want us to believe the opposite.”

Even before the Paris terrorist attacks, which the killers claimed to have carried out in the name of Islam, evidence was mounting about growing disenchantment among Germans about Islam in society. A Bertelsmann Stiftung survey released Thursday found that the share of non-Muslim Germans who viewed Islam as incompatible with the Western world rose to 61% in November 2014 from 52% in 2012.

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