Parliament was Original Target of Museum Attack

Parliament was Original Target of Museum Attack

AFDI adYesterday’s Jihadist massacre in a Tunisian museum was in fact an improvised “Plan B.”  The intended target was the nearby Tunisian Parliament as lawmakers considered new counter-jihad legislation.  Security thwarted that attack. The museum tourists killed were truly innocent bystanders slaughtered by rampaging Islamic savages unable to hit their democratic target:

TUNISIA (WSJ)- Gunmen stormed a museum in Tunisia’s capital on Wednesday, leaving 20 people dead, including 18 foreign tourists, after failing to launch an assault on the national assembly as lawmakers debated an antiterrorism bill.

Although there was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack, Tunisia’s interior ministry has said the small nation accounts for some 3,000 of the foreign fighters who have joined radical groups fighting in Iraq and Syria, making it the largest contributor of any nation.

Security officials and two lawmakers said the gunmen had initially targeted Parliament in central Tunis but were prevented by officers on the scene and quickly shifted their target to the nearby cultural site.

A Tunisian security official said the attack unfolded at about noon local time, when gunmen attempted to storm the national assembly building but were repelled by guards. The attackers then fired on several tourist buses bound for the nearby museum, the official said.

Security forces returned fire, sending the gunmen racing into the museum, where it is believed they took hostages, the official said. The official said at least 10 of the dead tourists were killed inside the museum.

Tunisia has made a largely successful democratic transition since a popular revolt unseated the longtime autocratic regime of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in January 2011. [bold emphasis herein added- OBS]

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