Peaceful Muslims Do Exist! (Ahmadi Muslims)

Peaceful Muslims Do Exist! (Ahmadi Muslims)

The mere fact that “most Muslims say Ahmadis are not Muslim” makes these folks our friends.

Your humble blogger knows that all Muslims are not evil, despite what one might conclude from the violent acts of Islamic Jihadists and Islamic apologists’ attempts to cover up the true nature of their brand of Islam.  Thusly, when I come across mainstream reportage about a peaceful Muslim “sect”, it is my duty as a Counter Jihadist to share the good news.  It is important to educate the uninitiated that not all Muslims are our enemy.  The more we understand this simple point, the better we can concentrate on educating ourselves about violent Jihadists.

…Ahmadi Muslims, [are] a small sect of Islam with followers spread across the globe and concentrated in Pakistan, Southeast Asia and West Africa.

There are an estimated tens of millions of Ahmadi Muslims throughout the world—a minority within the global estimated 1.6 billion Muslims. In the U.S., Ahmadis number only about 25,000.

The catch: Most Muslims say Ahmadis are not Muslim.

The sect, founded in India more than 100 years ago, is viewed as heretical among much of the Muslim world because of a theological dispute that started with their founder, who claimed to be the metaphorical second coming of Jesus Christ, sent to reform the practice of Islam and press for nonviolence. That contradicts a central tenet of Islam that says Muhammad was the last prophet.

In speeches, sermons and interviews the khalifa [the “Muslim Pope”, 62-year-old Mirza Masoor Ahmed, the Ahmadi spiritual leader] has advocated for the separation of religion and government, and urged Muslims in the U.S. to “be loyal to this country.” (Block quote credit “Clamoring for the Khalifa- Thousands Gather East of Los Angeles to See the ‘Muslim Pope’ of Small Sect That Promotes Peace” Wall Street Journal 5/13/13)

A “heretical” Muslim leader preaching that American Muslims should be loyal to the United States!  Listen gang, with so few in the Muslim community willing to speak publicly against Islamic Jihad and the multitude of Muslim Brotherhood organizations in our country, we must embrace those Muslims who swim against the Jihadist tide despite the risk to their own safety.  I submit that the mere fact that “most Muslims say Ahmadis are not Muslim” makes these folks our friends. By “Grizzly Joe”

To learn about “Ahmadi Muslims”, type the phrase into your favorite search engine; also try the alternate spelling “Ahmadiyya”.

10 thoughts on “Peaceful Muslims Do Exist! (Ahmadi Muslims)

  1. Interesting.. thanks for info I learned something new. However based on my scholastic study of islam I do believe that it is an anti-Christ based ideology. Consider Christ’s messages of turn the other check & golden rule versus mohammed’s directives on treating kufirs, Christians and Jews.

    • agree w/ u up to a point so far as Jihadist Theology/ Koranic Literalism BUT I would argue the vast majority of AMERICAN muslims r good folks BUT they need to do more to expose the bad Muslims hiding amongst them????

      • I do not blame the average muslim per se. I’ve known muslims in name or culture only, In fact I pray that their hearts, minds and eyes open to the evil they follow. Unfortunately, islam is islam, i.e., it is an inherently evil ideology whose adherents practice taquiya. For those that understand islam, there can never be any real peace with islam but only a series of truces until islam is ready to flex its muscle again. As to exposing islam, the “good” muslims are a fatwah away from speaking the truth about islam.

  2. Read the unwatered down version of the koran. One available on Amazon is “The Glorious Qur’an” translation by Muhammad M. Pickthall.

    • I have the Pickthall version side by side w/ 2 other versions in “Three Translations of the Koran” also on Amazon. Interesting thing about Ahmadi Muslims is that they have their own interpretation, google them & check out their main site. They are HATED by Jihadist Muslims which means they are likely our friends 😉

  3. NO. If they claim the muslim life they are to follow the koran. If they follow the koran they are islamic and follow their mohammed. Sorry, there are no “good” muslims. They’re in all our fabric now and it’s going to be hard separating and eliminating them. They live for one thing: to annihilate us and Israel.

    • ^^^ Well, his name says it all, “simple” tony… I often let in comments of less-educated folks that show, if nothing else, that I am not an extremist who condemns ALL Mulims; it is simply wrong. period.

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