Prince Charles “Alarmed” by Islamic Radicalization in U.K.

Prince Charles “Alarmed” by Islamic Radicalization in U.K.

best blog USAIn a statement surely to turn the tide against Islamic Jihad in the West <sarcasm, very heavy sarcasm>  one of England’s “Royals” voices his concern over Islamic radicalization in the United Kingdom because it does not respect British values:


LONDON (Reuters) –  In an interview recorded before Britain’s Prince Charles departed [on a six-day tour of the Middle East this weekend] Charles spoke of his alarm at the number of young British Muslims being radicalized, suggesting they should respect British values.

“This is one of the greatest worries … I think the fact it’s the extent which this is happening is the alarming part,” he told BBC Radio 2’s The Sunday Hour.

“And particularly in a country like ours where, you know, the values we hold dear. You’d think that the people who have come here, (were) born here, go to school here would abide by those values and outlooks.”

British authorities say around 600 Britons have traveled to Syria or Iraq, where Islamic State militants have seized swathes of territory, and that about half of them have returned home, raising fears of a possible attack on British soil.

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