Pro-Choice but Drive Safely??

Pro-Choice but Drive Safely??

Maybe somebody can help me out with this one. I’m driving my GMC crew cab heavy duty pickup truck today in circles around the neighborhood just to increase my carbon footprint. I see some lame vegan-hippie-save-the-environment car with three bumper stickers; “Drive Safely- Save Lives”, “Respect Your Fellow Earthling”, and “Pro-Choice”. What the…????? So, first I used THAT car as a target to see how safe MY truck is (VERY safe BTW). Then I realized that somehow, someway I had to figure out what the heck this hippie wench was trying to say with her contradictory bumper stickers. they put me in a logistical enigmatic conundrum which just about tore apart the space-time continuum.  Just let me talk out loud here to figure out ifthese stickers just cancel each other out.

“Drive safely”. Okay this I can get behind conceptually even after using that lame hippie vegan vehicle as a crash test dummy. A good majority of us drive vehicles on the road and if we drive safely hopefully will get to our destination alive. So wear seatbelts, obey speed limits, don’t talk on the phone while driving, no texting, etc. Give the road ahead our full undivided attention. Keep our eyes on the road ahead. Okay. “Drive Safely Save Lives”; I’m on board with this one.

Now, “Respect Your Fellow Earthlings”. I think I can go along with this one also. Doesn’t say I have to love everybody. I suppose it’s okay to hate certain persons for the correct reason as long as you respect them. Racism, religious intolerance, disliking people simply because they live an alternative lifestyle (ie, carnie folk) or support Ron Paul – that’s all bad; on that most of us probably agree- don’t have to love everyone, just respect ’em. Okay, respect your fellow earthlings, I’m on board with that as well.

Now, I saved the best for last “Pro-Choice”. Pro-choice folks are for killing babies as long as they are still in the mothers body. So I suppose if I looked real closely at the other two bumper stickers they would each need an asterix (“*”), fine print of some sort, to peacefully co-exist (it WAS a hippie car!) on this vehicle. “*Drive safely but don’t worry if you accidentally kill an unborn baby.” Okay, maybe we’re starting to plug the logistical disconnect between the three bumperstickers. How to reconcile “Respect Your Fellow Earthlings”. This is a little tougher, what would the fine print say on that one? “*Respect your fellow earthlings unless they are unborn babies in their mothers body, in that case feel free to yank them from their womb, maime them, destroy them, terminate them, toss ’em out with yesterday’s trash, they are not worthy of respect.” THAT is a lot of fine print, probably would have needed a microscope to read that. Okay assuming the bumper stickers had fine print to the effect that we have discussed I guess they can make sense on one car.

I’ll leave my Pro-Life/Pro-choice/ and Death Penalty discussion for another day (That’s what we call a “teaser”.).

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3 thoughts on “Pro-Choice but Drive Safely??

  1. Surely you’ve driven and talked on the mobile phone. Don’t you feel like you’ve given a bad example to other drivers?

    • I’ve literally spoke on the phone while driving only 1 time; this past Thanksgiving while following a VERY drunk driver from a safe distance>>> cops got him before he killed anyone. I hardly even use these new-fangled gadgets, just found out I have voice mail last week… SERIOUSLY 😉

  2. They don’t consider the fact that while they have pushed the meme of “our bodies, our rights” It’s their politicians who allow for babies to be murdered in the womb and many would advocate for them to be murdered outside of it as well- yet have no second thought about telling society how much salt, butter, soda and sugar we are allowed to take into OUR BODIES so much for choice there. They can tell us it’s ok to abort your baby, but forbid you drive down to the corner store without wearing a seat belt no choice there either- click it or ticket.
    Interesting that if the babies in the mother were say, sea turtles, it’d be a federal offense to kill it.
    Its acceptable for a 15 year old girl to have an abortion, but it’s illegal for her to buy beer or cigarettes. She’s not old enough to vote, but she’s old enough to have sex. She’s not old enough to marry without parental permission, but she’s old enough to have sex. She’s not old enough to drive a car, but old enough to have sex in one. In many states, she’s not old enough to have sex, but old enough to murder her baby.
    And now, 15 year old girls can get an abortion pill over the counter, but if I want certain kinds of allergy medication- I have to have a perscription no choice for me.
    Sorry for the rant OBS, but as an adopted kid, I’m “severely” pro- REAL choice, that being ADOPTION not ABORTION.
    Excellent article, thank you for showing yet again idiotic hypocrisy of the left.

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