PARODY Southern Poverty Law Center is Devil’s Advocate 666

PARODY Southern Poverty Law Center is Devil’s Advocate 666

After the shooting at the Family Research Council (FRC) on August 15, 2012 it was widely reported that the Southern Poverty Law center (SPLC) had previously designated FRC as a “hate group”. Further research proves that the SPLC are in fact an Anti-American organization in league with Satan himself!! (Explanation and Photographic proof below)

As of this writing the day after the shooting, SPLC continues to designate FRC as a “hate group” (“D.C.” in pulldown menu) and “anti-gay”.

Who are the FRC and the SPLC?

FRC Mission Statement  “Family Research Council (FRC) champions marriage and family as the foundation of civilization, the seedbed of virtue, and the wellspring of society. FRC shapes public debate and formulates public policy that values human life and upholds the institutions of marriage and the family. Believing that God is the author of life, liberty, and the family, FRC promotes the Judeo-Christian worldview as the basis for a just, free, and stable society.” [emphasis added]

SPLC Who We Are  “The Southern Poverty Law Center is a nonprofit civil rights organization dedicated to fighting hate and bigotry, and to seeking justice for the most vulnerable members of society.”

Further, SPLC purports to Teach Tolerance.  “Our Teaching Tolerance program is working to foster school environments that are inclusive and nurturing – classrooms where equality and justice are not just taught, but lived. The program points to the future, helping teachers prepare a new generation to live in a diverse world.”

So, what do we know about FRC?  An advocacy group that promotes Judeo-Christian values. Not a bad thing in itself.

What do we know about SPLC? They fight hate and bigotry.  Again, not a bad thing in itself.

But wait, SPLC also teaches “tolerance”??  (Tolerance- “The capacity for or the practice of recognizing and respecting the beliefs or practices of others.” American Heritage College Dictionary 4th Edition, 2010)  If the SPLC teaches tolerance, they must be tolerant of others’ beliefs, right?  So how can SPLC declare the Judeo-Christian FRC a “Hate Group”?  Futher, FRC speaks of “diversity”, or, as some would say, “multi-culturalism”.  Doesn’t the concept of multi-culturalism deride the traditional American ideal of American as a cultural melting pot?

Thus, SPLC are in fact anti-Judeo-Christian.  Moreover, their twitter page shows that they follow EXACTLY “666” other accounts!!  666- The Sign of The Beast, the anti-Christ!!  Proof positive that SPLC are anti-Judeo-Christian and anti-American!!  Here is the screen capture of their Twitter page, other then cropping, it has not been altered in any way.

Folks, this article is a PARODY… or is it??? Yes, it is… I think?  Ok- at least as the “666” nonsense.  I think the rest of the article draws semi-reasonable conclusions.  But if I did not label this as “parody”, how many religious zealots would denounce the SPLC as being in league with Lucifer? (Sadly, there are those on the internet who may selectively edit this article and distribute it throughout the internet to promulgate their intellectually-challenged logic.)

The moral of the story is that we should be careful about what we say and do on the internet.  Folks should not designate organizations they simply disagree with as “hate groups” if said organization has not actually advocated, promoted or carried out physical violence towards others.  Are neo-nazi white supremacists  and Islamic Jihadists “hate groups”? Of course they are.  Is the FRC a “hate group”? I think not.

See my article on Violent Radicalization extracted from the Fort Hood report.  The process of violent radicalization can apply equally to religious, political and social radicalization.

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