Qatar Supports Muslim Brotherhood- Know the Players!

Qatar Supports Muslim Brotherhood- Know the Players!

Know all the players in the Islamist movement so we can properly fight the Counter Jihad.

I’ve only heard of Qatar within the past year as I learn about the historical impact of Islam and, more importantly, the role that Islamic Jihad plays in geo-politics today.  With each additional piece of knowledge, one gains a better understanding of the Jihadist worldview that literally threatens our lives.  It is important to educate ourselves and get to know all the players in the Islamist movement (see “Islamist” vs. “Islam” OBS 1/18/13), so we can properly fight the Counter Jihad.

Qatar, the tiny but petroleum-rich state that has wielded oversize influence in revolutions across the Middle East, is now at the center of a battle for clout in the region’s traditional military and political juggernaut, Egypt.

While many Egyptians are grateful for the sorely needed cash, some worry that Qatar’s support of Egypt’s Islamist-leaning government marks the small Gulf state’s latest attempt to gain influence in the region.

The Qatari aid underscores how Egypt, suffering from steep economic declines, is looking well beyond its traditional backers in Washington.

Critics allege that while [Qatar’s] near-term goal appears to be to prop up the Brotherhood before elections, its longer-term aims are less clear.

“Egyptians feel that Qatar is not supporting them as a whole but [rather] the Muslim Brotherhood,” [said Hamdeen Sabahi, a secular opposition leader in Egypt].

Many of the concerns center on how Qatar has leveraged its historically deep ties with the Brotherhood, an expansive regional movement long suppressed by Egypt and other governments. Since early 2011, Qatar led a push to aid and arm Islamist-leaning rebel factions in Libya and Syria. It has also continued to support Brotherhood’s Palestinian branch, Hamas, designated by the U.S. as a terrorist organization.

American officials have long worried that Qatar is playing a double game—hosting a U.S. military base but also supporting Islamist movements in the region that are opposed to American interests.

Qatar is locked in a battle for clout with Saudi Arabia, another traditional Sunni power in the region—which, alongside its staunch ally, the United Arab Emirates, has historically opposed the Brotherhood in the region and has openly clashed with [Egyptian President] Morsi’s government in Cairo. (Block quote credit MARIA ABI-HABIB & REEM ABDELLATIF “Qatar’s Aid to Egypt Raises Fears on Motives” Wall Street Journal 5/17/13)

Remember that knowledge is power. We can defeat the Jihadists as long as we educate ourselves and remain ever vigilant. by “Grizzly Joe”

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