Question re: Islamic Theology

Question re: Islamic Theology

I’ve been reading books and watching DVDs about Islamic Jihad in an attempt to understand what is happening in our world today.  However, in the course of my “education”, the following issue arose and makes absolutely no sense to me.  Maybe I’m completely misunderstanding this one point.  If anyone can enlighten me, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Apparently, the Koran instructs that Allah controls the fate of us lowely infidels. Infidels reject the Islamic faith because Allah wills it. The concept of free will is heresy from the earliest days of Islamic theology.  Thus, we infidels rejecting the Islamic religion is what Allah wants us to do. The question that enters my mind is as follows; If we infidels behave as Allah wills it, why do Muslims, and apparently Allah, despise us for following Allah’s will? Taking that thought one step further, why does the Koran, Allah’s unblemished word, condemn us for following that which Allah commands?

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