Read the Al Qaeda Statement on Paris Attack

Read the Al Qaeda Statement on Paris Attack

best blog USAIt is being widely reported this morning that Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has claimed responsibility for the savage attack on Charlie Hebdo last week.  Whether AQAP in fact played the operational role they claim or are merely piggy-backing on an attack for propaganda purposes remains to be seen.  AQAP has released a video entitled “Vengeance for the Prophet” claiming responsibility for Charlie Hebdo along with slickly produced Arabic and English transcripts of the video.  The English version can be downloaded below SAFELY from the OccupyBawlStreet site.  (To be clear, the PDF link below does NOT connect to an AQAP affiliated site!)

While reading an English translation of Arabic prose can be challenging to say the least, here is a summary of what the AQAP transcript says (massaged a bit even from the English translation to be more readable and thus more understandable):

Among Jihadists are men who have been true to their oath to Allah, of these some have fulfilled their oath by being martyred.

The infidels have insulted the Prophets of Allah.

Look at how the infidels gathered, rallied and supported each other [in Paris].  Their wounds have not healed and they won’t be in Paris, New York, Washington, London or Spain.

France has shared all of America’s crimes.  They are the party of Satan, the enemies of Allah and the enemies of his prophets.

This is a turning point in the history of confrontation.  Those [the Hebdo attackers] are our brothers.  They were generous with their lives in supporting our Prophet.

Rise up Muslim youth in support of your prophet.  Be generous with your lives like [the Hebdo attackers]  did.

Subdue the enemies of Allah with all calmness and kill them without any clamor.

As for our message to the Western nation:

We have warned you before about the consequences of these deeds that your governments collude with under the pretext of “freedom of speech” or “freedom of ideas”.

Osama bin Laden warned you before: “If there is no check on the freedom of your words, then let your hearts be open to the freedom of our actions.”  But your governments became stubborn and persisted in protecting and supporting the offensive cartoonists, directors and journalists.  [The Hebdo attackers] send a message through this operation to all who dare insult Islam.  Stop your insults on our prophet.

As for the blessed battle of Paris:

We the AQAP claim responsibility for this operation as vengeance for the messenger of Allah.  The one who chose the target, laid the plain and finished the operation, is the leadership of AQAP [Ayman al Zawahiri and the late Anwar al-Awlaki].

This blessed battle was carried out by two heroes of Islam, the Kouachi Brothers.  The operation coincided with the operation of brother Ahmed Koulibali.

The result was the killing of a number of the newspaper’s cartoonists, workers and guards.  One of them on the “wanted List” produced by “Inspire Magazine” excerpted from “Vengeance for the Prophet”

Note that this purported AQAP release claims responsibility for the Charlie Hebdo attack but not the attack on the kosher supermarket.  This distinction may be an indicia that AQAP did in fact play a role in the Charlie Hebdo attack.  If merely claiming responsibility after the fact, would they not claim both attacks to further their propaganda? – Grizzly Joe

DOWNLOAD ENGLISH “Vengeance for the Prophet” HERE .PDF 

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