Real Reason “Mentally Ill Koran Burner” Killed

Real Reason “Mentally Ill Koran Burner” Killed

blog pic gj JPGSharia, Islamic Law… swift and fair justice for all in accord with Allah’s will! Yea, right. Turns out the Afghani woman who was brutally killed in broad daylight for burning a Koran had merely angered a Muslim cleric.  This is your world under Sharia:

KABUL (Reuters) – A prominent Afghan police official was sacked on Tuesday as hundreds of men and women marched in the capital to protest the lynching of a 27-year-old woman in central Kabul last week.

The official, a spokesman for Kabul’s police chief, justified the killing on his Facebook page after she had been falsely accused of burning a copy of the Koran.

The woman, named Farkhunda, was beaten to death with planks of wood and set on fire by a crowd in front of police officers close to the presidential palace, ministries and foreign embassies.

Her death has triggered a public outcry in a country where mass demonstrations of support for women’s rights are rare.

Protesters in Kabul painted their faces red on Tuesday to represent Farkhunda’s bloodied face as filmed by mobile phones as she was beaten to death.

The country’s top investigator has said there is no evidence Farkhunda burned the Koran.

Her brother says a cleric made the accusation at his mosque after Farkhunda told a woman not to pay for good-luck amulets because they were un-Islamic. [emphasis added- OBS]

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