Refugee: Life Under #ISIS Sux

Refugee: Life Under #ISIS Sux

As we consider how to weed out cowardly Islamic State jihadists hiding among the wave of refugees flooding Europe, it is important for the humanitarians among us to hear first hand accounts of why the refugees are fleeing Isis:

BERLIN (AP) — An Iraqi refugee from Mosul, walking into Hungary with his family, says Islamic State extremists had made life impossible for them at home.

Speaking at the Hungarian border town of Roszke, 34-year-old Raed Waleed Abdullah told The Associated Press “every day, the Islamic State group is issuing new orders and the situation is terrible. I had no income, there is no electricity and they were forcing us to live according to their ways … (we) reject their harsh values.”

His wife, Hala Khalil, mother of his three children, said “those who refused to obey them would be thrown from tall buildings. They are inflicting so much suffering.”

Abdullah sold his apartment and taxi in Mosul to raise $11,000 to pay smugglers to get his family across the Aegean Sea from the Turkish city of Izmir. Then they spent nine days on the road before reaching Hungary.

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