Reid, Romney & Tax Returns: GIVE IT A REST HARRY!

Reid, Romney & Tax Returns: GIVE IT A REST HARRY!

Yesterday Mitt Romney released his 2011 tax returns. In short, Romney paid almost $500,000 more then required by law.  Naturally, Harry Reid is bleating “Manipulation” and “He’s hiding something”.  Romney OVERPAID taxes to the U.S., effectively giving all Americans an extra $500,000.00. Still Reid bellyaches?  Obama supporters will never be happy regardless of what Romney does.  The facts are irrelevant to Democrats (ie. see Obama’s abysmal record in the White House).

As your humble blogger wrote on August 13;

“So, the inquisitive mind must ask, why are Obama supporters insisting on seeing the actual Romney Federal 1040 Returns?  The cynical blogger that I am can see only one reason; Obama supporters want to use the Romney’s returns to muddy the election waters by pointing out all the “loopholes” (that’s would be their terminology) the Romneys used to calculate the income taxes they owed the IRS.” (see Romney Tax Returns & Finances Released- Lefty Smoke & Mirrors)

So, Reid is in fact pointing out the “loophole” that Patriotic Americans like Romney are permitted to pay more income taxes then they legally owe! GIVE IT A REST HARRY!

Fox News See Mitt Romney’s Actual 2011


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