Reid’s NSA Reform Aids Jihadists (Snowden Didn’t Help)

Reid’s NSA Reform Aids Jihadists (Snowden Didn’t Help)

best blog USAHarry Reid proposes legislation to further erode intelligence gathering

Last year 29 year-old high school drop-out Edward Snowden decided to betray his country by leaking National Security Administration intelligence gathering techniques.  He was aided and abetted by “journalist” Glenn Greenwald the Islamic Jihad apologist/appeaser/supporter.  Now, as a result of Snowden’s and Greenwald’s actions, brainiac Harry Reid proposes legislation to further erode our intelligence gathering capabilities:

Meanwhile, Islamic State terrorists continue to rampage across Syria and Iraq, even as the group, also known as ISIS, uses sophisticated Internet communications to swell its ranks with recruits bearing U.S., Canadian or European passports who can easily slip back into their native countries and wreak havoc.

In that threat environment, one would think that the last thing on the “to do” list of the 113th Congress would be to add to the grim news. Yet Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has announced that he will bring to the floor the extravagantly misnamed USA Freedom Act, a major new bill exquisitely crafted to hobble the gathering of electronic intelligence.


Not surprisingly, the bill has received the endorsement of President Obama ’s attorney general, Eric Holder, and his director of national intelligence, James Clapper, who in a Sept. 2 letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee said they were “comfortable” with the bill’s provisions—even as they conceded that the bill may have “additional impacts that we will be able to identify only after we start to implement the new law.”

If that calls to mind the Affordable Care Act and the suggestion that we should wait and find out what is in the bill until after it passes, bear in mind that “additional impacts” here may include holes in the ground where buildings used to stand and empty chairs where people used to sit. NSA Reform That Only ISIS Could Love By MICHAEL V. HAYDEN And MICHAEL B. MUKASEY Wall Street Journal 11/18/14

Contact all your representatives in Washington: tell them not to support H.R.3361 – USA FREEDOM Act. – Grizzly Joe


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