Ruth Bader Ginsburg Aided Morsi’s Islamist Constitution

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Aided Morsi’s Islamist Constitution

What can happen when apparently otherwise intelligent folks fail to understand that they are enabling a Jihadist agenda?

A review of Counter-Jihad writings (see “jihad” under categories to your right) shows what can happen when apparently otherwise intelligent folks fail to understand that they are enabling a Jihadist agenda.  Case in point, recall that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said she would not look to the American Constitution if she were to write a constitution today.  Let us review the context of her intellectually-challenged statement and how it impacted the Egyptian people.  (following block quote excerpted from “Egypt’s Constitutional Do-Over” By RONALD D. ROTUNDA Wall Street Journal 7/17/13)

Those who will be Egypt’s next leaders would do well to consider a central Morsi error that helped bring about his downfall: the constitution he imposed on the country.

Mr. Morsi won election—with a slim majority—on a promise to lead a pluralistic government. Instead, he governed by decree and announced that he was immunizing those decrees from judicial review. He also forced through a draft constitution that Islamists wrote.

Mr. Morsi tried to give his constitution a patina of respectability. Egypt invited U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to provide guidance during a four-day visit. Justice Ginsburg appeared on state television and said that, even though she much admires the U.S. Constitution, she “would not look to the United States Constitution if I were drafting a constitution in the year 2012.”

Sadly, the Egyptians took Justice Ginsburg’s advice and did not follow the U.S. Constitution. Instead, the Morsi constitution granted muted rights, which other provisions limited even further.

[For example], Article 48 of the Egyptian Constitution said, in effect, there is a free press as long as it does not contradict the Islamic religious laws known as Sharia.

When Egypt tries again at writing a constitution once a new government is in place, lawmakers this time would do well to forget Justice Ginsberg’s advice and use America’s Constitution as their guide.

How the next president of Egypt approaches constitutional matters will tell us whether the next president is inclined to become yet another dictator or perhaps an Arab George Washington.

One hopes Egyptians of all faiths are able to beat back the Muslim Brotherhood as the next Egyptian government is formed.  This time Egyptians must ignore Ginsburg’s “advice” and look to the American Constitution for guidance in drafting their new constitution. By “Grizzly Joe”

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