Sally Ride to Gays- “Coming Out” is YOUR Choice!

Sally Ride to Gays- “Coming Out” is YOUR Choice!

Headline in the paper today: “Sally Ride’s coming out after death stirs debate”. Why does this issue (so-called) still spur debate?  One cannot question that as the first American women in space, that Ms. Ride was a Patriot (with a capitol “P”). She showed a generation of females that girls/young ladies/women could aspire to do anything that men can do.  Ms. Ride offered this message of equality at a  time when said message was not taken for granted (she went into space in 1983).  So, why is her personal decision to publicly acknowledge her sexual orientation after she died an issue for debate?

The gay folks igniting the debate presumably argue that Ms. Ride could have been a role model for young gay people.  I respectfully submit that, given the era in which she broke a glass ceiling for females, her impact in being a female role model far outweighed any social impact she may have had as a gay role model.  Indeed, had she come out in 1983, might her role model status for females have been negatively impacted?

Sadly, SOME gay activists believe it is THEIR decision to declare that ALL gay folks must further the activist gay agenda by “outing” themselves in accord with the activists’ whims. It is this unfortunate mindset that apparently ignited the Sally Ride “debate”.  As Americans, we should all agree that it is the individual gay person’s decision as to how they want to live their life without concern for the agenda of certain activists within the gay community.  Notably, Ms. Ride’s family was fully aware of her life partner of 27 years.

That Ms. Ride was an inspiration to females is to be lauded.  That she decided to keep her orientation out of the public eye is to be respected as a personal decision for her and her partner to make.

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