Sen. Chuck Schumer “Look-At-Me” of the Week 12/7/12

Sen. Chuck Schumer “Look-At-Me” of the Week 12/7/12

If you have ever lived within the New York City local television broadcast market you have had the misfortune to be exposed to inordinate quantities of U.S. Senator Charles “Chuck” Schumer (D- N.Y.).  Good old Chuck has never met a camera he didn’t like and is in perpetual “re-election mode”.  Press releases from his office multiply faster than Tribbles (rabbits for non-Trekkies).  An on-going series of posts will attempt to illustrate some of the BIG ISSUES Chuck tackles.  Needless to say, I may have some editorial commentary on the BIG ISSUE of the week.

Last week’s (11/27) inaugural “Look-At-Me” found our intrepid Senator in Niagara Falls, New York.  Yesterday, while not technically part of the “Look-At-Me” series, found Chuck engaging in “Economic Stupidity Reallocation”.

Today finds our gallant Chuck once again milking the tragedy of super storm Sandy to keep his name and face in the public eye. (GET IT OUT! GET IT OUT!)  Instead of focusing on the forthcoming “fiscal cliff”, Schumer is spinning his rhetorical wheels on the small percentage of “12/12/12 The Concert for Sandy Relief” tickets that MAY be sold through secondary markets above face value at a profit to the seller (“scalping”- generally a legal enterprise).

Once again, a Democrat is attacking good old American capitalism…

“I find it extremely disheartening that people are trying to profit off this concert rather than focusing all their attention on helping those that were harmed by Superstorm Sandy” Schumer wrote to on-line ticket resale sites.

Would it be nice if every red cent in the universe went to real Sandy victims? Of course.  Should Schumer be using the majesty (cough!) of his office to power his perpetual re-election treadmill? No.

Hey Chuck- what politician other than Obama has tried to profit politically from Sandy as much as you have?  Granted, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is neck and neck with Obama, but you sir are running a comfortable first place!

BTW- I have $75,000.00 for anyone who can sell me two front row centers with meet and greets.

Here is the full press release

Tickets for Upcoming Sandy Relief Concert Being Resold Online for Up To $60,000 – Scalpers Lining Their Pockets With Dollars That Go To Relief Efforts

>>Gotta love THAT headline, eh?  It is the most inflammatory of the three choices. Read it again. “Scalpers lining their pockets with dollars that go to relief efforts”???  Makes it sound like charity dollars are being actively stolen/skimmed, does it not?<<

Stop by next week to see Chuck’s next act of bravery!!

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