Sergeant’s Union Head to NYPD: Mayor Not Our Friend

Sergeant’s Union Head to NYPD: Mayor Not Our Friend

best blog USAThere once was a time in New York City when Mayors actually SUPPORTED the NYPD!

In an annual “year in review” email to his membership (dated 12/16/14), New York City Police Department Sergeant’s Benevolent Association President Ed Mullins advises his membership that NYPD cops are under attack thanks to NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio’s inept leadership and his progressive agenda:

There is chaos on the streets, as protesters, emboldened by Mayor de Blasio’s lack of leadership and anti-police rhetoric, continue to wreak havoc and assault cops…

Mayor de Blasio has defined New York as a Tale of Two Cities as he offers up what he likes to refer to as a progressive platform. The sad truth is that his administration has been more divisive than any other in recent history.

Many of the mayor’s actions and stances have demeaned our profession. Contrary to what his administration purports, the Stop, Question and Frisk policies have saved thousands of lives since being implemented in the mid-1990s, when the city was experiencing over 2,000 homicides per year…

If not for the hard work and immense sacrifice of the NYPD, Mayor de Blasio would never have found himself in Gracie Mansion…

The message from City Hall is clear. The police are not the solution to social problems, we are the problem. There is now a hands-off policy on addressing minor crimes, such as selling or possessing marijuana or loose cigarettes. We certainly are living in a Tale of Two Cities, except this one has been created in the name of progressivism and it shuns lawfulness for political expediency.

The stance from City Hall is that the police are an occupying army who need to be reined in.  (see the full email below)

There once was a time in New York City where Mayoral candidates actively sought the support (VOTES!) of the NYPD membership and their extended families.  With a few notable exceptions, Mayors actually SUPPORTED the NYPD.  No more.

Issue for NYC citizens: will Mayor de Blasio be a one-term mayor or will he pull an “Obama” and drive the Big Apple even deeper into the abyss in his second term? – Grizzly Joe

NYPD SBA email


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