Shock! #ISIS إيزيس Brutal, Corrupt, Racist

Shock! #ISIS إيزيس Brutal, Corrupt, Racist

isis beheadWho woulda thunk it?  ISIS defectors allege the Islamist group is brutal, corrupt, racist, and does not keep it’s promises…  Judging by their treatment of other Muslims, they must also be Islamophobes?  We’ll check with CAIR on that issue.  Why is none of this mentioned in those ISIS recruitment videos? (FYI- “إيزيس” is ISIS in Arabic according to Google Translate)

(Associated Press) BRUSSELS — A survey of defectors from the Islamic State group has found many quit the organization because they felt it was too brutal or corrupt, or because it made war too frequently against other Sunni Muslims.

Peter Neumann, director of the International Center for the Study of Radicalization and Political Violence and the report’s author, told Associated Press its findings shatter the image of unity and determination that IS seeks to portray.

The defectors surveyed, Neumann said, constitute just a “small fraction” of the growing number of fighters who have turned against IS. If given wide circulation, he said, the defectors’ complaints could deter future recruits from joining the militant group, which has seized large swaths of territory in Syria and Iraq and become notorious for mass killings, beheadings and abductions.

Some of the former fighters complained of being victims of racism, or that their experiences with IS failed to meet their expectations of action and heroism. Some complained they didn’t get the cars or luxury goods they were promised, or that as foreign fighters, they were exploited as cannon fodder.

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