SHOCK! Kerry Seeks “Due Process” for Muslim Brotherhood

SHOCK! Kerry Seeks “Due Process” for Muslim Brotherhood

avatarObama Administration not interested in justice for the Benghazi Four

The Obama Administration shows great concern for the survival of Muslim Brotherhood members in Egypt.   Invoking Western/American notions of “due process,” the State Department weighs in on the imposition of 683 death sentences against Brotherhood members for a protest that left two police officers dead in 2013.  This, despite the jihadist threat the Brotherhood poses regionally and worldwide.  Cue the Benghazi distraction:

“As [Secretary of State John Kerry] has said, it is impossible to believe that such proceedings could satisfy even the most basic standards of justice, let alone meet Egypt’s obligations under international human-rights law,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said on Monday.

“We again urge Egyptian authorities to remedy the situation and reverse these court rulings and ensure due process for the accused on the merits of individual cases. We continue to urge the Egyptian government to suspend future mass trials of Egyptians,” she added. Block quote excerpted from Amina Ismail & Matt Bradley “Egypt Hands Down 683 Death Sentences” Wall Street Journal 4/29/14

Why is the Obama Administration not interested in “standards of justice” for the four Americans killed in Benghazi?  How sad is it that Obama and Kerry demonstrate greater concern for the Muslim Brotherhood?  Let Egypt take care of its Islamist issues while some of us try to resolve ours. –Grizzly Joe

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  1. Grizzly Joe you are correct! What about Justice for Amb Stevens, Navy Seal Woods & Doherty, CIA Sean Smith? Obama & his minions continue to lie!
    Of course the Kerry comment regarding Egypt’s conviction of 683 Muslim Brotherhooders is retarded. Obama Admin must stand behind the Muslim Brotherhood since Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama appointed so many inside his administration and government agencies!

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