St. Valentine’s Day Origins??

St. Valentine’s Day Origins??

So, who was Saint Valentine & why do we celebrate “St. Valentine’s Day”?? Well, I suppose if you are not in a “relationship” today you can totally ignore it.  Today I’ll do what I gotta do, but tomorrow I’ll be out buying half-priced chocolate- YUM! Don’t get me wrong, I am all for the capitalist aspects of this day, pump money into the economy and all that.  Ok, ok, I guess love CAN be a good thing too. So, WHO is “St. Valentine”?? The lineage is not clear but the concept of “St. Valentines Day” seems to arise from the period of the Roman Empire and the persecution of Catholics by the Romans. The Catholic Church recognizes several saints named Valentine, Valentina, Valentinus, or variations thereof. One tradition states that on this day February 14, 269 a man named Valentine was executed in Rome for being a Christian. However, the “St Valentine” that we celebrate today may actually represent several Catholic martyrs. I was curious this morning so I grabbed three reputable links to help us all out. Just click on the blue text below. There, now you’ll have some Valentines day trivia so youse can at least pretend to be actually interested in this day whilst talking to your significant other. No controversy here today, eh? ENJOY!!.

Time Magazine report

Encyclopedia Britannica

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