Stop Islamization of Nations World Congress for Free Speech

Stop Islamization of Nations World Congress for Free Speech

In the shadow of the United Nations, that iconic bastion of do-nothingness, Stop Islamization of Nations (SION) held the First Session of the World Congress in Defense of Free Speech on September 11, 2012.  Hosted by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, the theme of the conference was that Islamization is crushing free speech and Western ideals of liberty worldwide.  Geller proclaimed that since the mainstream media sides with the Islamists who would be our executioners, it is one’s obligation to “leapfrog over the media”.  In this internet age, citizens can be their own media organizations to spread the truth. Not speaking out against lslamic appeasement will only lead to the ultimate destruction of our way of life and, indeed, our very lives; “we are soldiers in this cause.”

In attendance were numerous international figures in the fight against Islamization. Speakers were divided into four panels; “The War for Free Speech in the U.S.”, “The War for Free Speech in England and Autralia”, “The Defense Against the Jihad Worldwide”, and “Europe- FrontLine of the Battle of Free Speech”.

Beverly Perlson of The Band of Mothers noted that Americans do not cower but run towards evil to defeat it. Nelly Braginsky, who lost her son on 9/11 argued against the Ground Zero Mosque, saying “they want to build this mosque on the blood of our children.”  Debbie Robinson (Q Society of Australia) quoted an Islamic cleric who proclaimed “Austrailia will be an Islamic State, it is inevitable.”

Cliff Kincaid (Accuracy in Media) declared that we must protect ourselves against the George Soros funded leftist organizations that aid and abet the Islamization of Western institutions.  He also called attention to foreign propaganda television channels operating on American soil: Al-Jazeera English, Iran’s Press TV, Vladamir Putin’s Russia Today.  “They are using the First Amendment to fight us from within.”

Attorney David Yerushalmi (American Law for American Courts) informed attendees of the breaking news that the U.S. Embassy in Eygpt had been attacked. How ironic that this news broke as attendees gathered to learn how to fight the onslaught of Islamization.  Yerushalmi outlined the “Acts 17 v. City of Dearborn” legal case.  Morover, he predicted that the U.S. will soon be presented with the issue of whether the First Amendment trumps a conflicting United Nations treaty limiting “hate speech”.

Tommy Robinson (English Defense League) explained the origins of the EDL three years ago when British soldiers returning from duty in Islamic countries were met with Islamic facilitated verbal and physical abuse.  The British police have given Mr. Robinson an Osman warning, meaning that there has been a specific and credible threat by Islamists on his life.  Despite mainstream media portrayals to the contrary, he painted EDL as an organization not of hate, but of love for family, Queen and Country which seeks only to counter the Islamization of Britain.  He stated quite simply that the EDL’s “job is to put the truth out there.”

Kevin Caroll (also English Defense League) recalled how Islamists had interrupted an EDL 9/11 remembrance ceremony attended by the daughter of a World Trade Center victim.  Rather then defend EDL free speech privileges, police ordered the EDL to disburse to avoid the violence threatened by the Islamists. Mr. Carroll offered Americans some simple advice, “You don’t need Obama, you need Romney.”

Dr. Babu Suseelan questioned why the U.S. allows Muslims who do not believe in Democracy to immigrate to the U.S.; “We do not have to tolerate intolerant people.”  He posited that one of the failures against Islamization is that Westerners are having less children while polygamist Muslims multiply like proverbial rabbits.

Asharef Ramelah (Voice of the Copts) noted that one of the Arabic slogans painted on the Egyptian Embassy’s wall during the attack said “O Obama, O Obama, We Are All Osama.”

Israeli scholar Mordechai Kedar described the fight against Islamization as a not only a “clash of civilizations but a clash of values as well.”  Kedar too implored non-muslims to “start having babies” because Muslims are reproducing in numbers far outweighing non-Muslim birthrates.  Kedar further stated that Iran will enable another Holocaust unless stopped by decisive action from the West.

Lars Vilks is the best known of the SION speakers amongst the general population. (Fox News Story) The Swedish artist (do not call him a cartoonist!!) has a fatwah against him for a sketch (don’t call it a cartoon!!) he did that offended Muslims. He terms himself the “accidental counter-jihadist” asserting that he has “no special interest in Islam.”  “My point of view is art” is how he optimistically describes his outlook of world events.  Vilks explained that his notoriety arose when folks around Sweden began placing small renderings (sculptures or other artwork) of dogs along roadsides around Sweden as something of a prank. (Think of the “Tebowing” picture fad that swept the internet some months back and you’ll understand the basic premise.)  As a result of the roadside dog fad, he did the sketch that would bring him into the public eye.  “This has developed into a performance art” is how he (jokingly?) describes the virulent Muslim reaction to his sketch, the attempted arson of his home, and the general state of his life as he lives under the constant threat of death.  Indeed, he explained that “the spectator creates the work [performance art].”  Thusly, the continuing “performance art” which he says attendees in the conference room became a part of includes his living under 24 hour police protection for the past two years.

Lars Hedegaard posits that it is hard to win the war against Islamization if we do not acknowledge that we are under attack.  He draws an astute comparison between Nazism and Islamism, pointing out that the rhetoric from both is startlingly similar.  Hedegard said that “whoever invented Mohammed” (with an nod to Robert Spencer for his book “Did Muhammad Exist?: An Inquiry into Islam’s Obscure Origins“) “we have truth on our side.”

Anders Gravers (Stop Islamisation of Europe) said SIOE encompasses people from across the entire political spectrum who are fighting the “mainstream misleadia”.  Mr. Gravers almost died when he was stabbed by Islamists who would prefer to see him dead then allow him to continue to speak out about the danger of Islamization.

All in all, your humble blogger was privileged to listen to these and other speakers.  I was honored to stand with (literally in some cases!) these anti-Jihad warriors against Islamization.  I hope this article ignites your desire to learn about Islamization and to join those of us who seek to spread the truth about the danger Islamization presents to our way of life.

For full coverage of the Stop Islamization of Nations World Congress for Free Speech visit my friend Urban Infidel.  For further education on Islamization visit Pamela Geller’s site along with Robert Spencer’s.

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