Sweden’s Islamist Anti-Semitism

Sweden’s Islamist Anti-Semitism

avatarSweden is first European Union member to recognize Palestine

Ill-informed folks question why recognizing Palestine as a country hurts Israel.  Naturally, these people cannot fathom the fact that recognizing Palestine endangers all of us.  One need only look to history to understand why recognizing Palestine allows Islamists one small victory in their savage battle to extinguish Judaism as one step to establishing a global caliphate:

Sweden is now the first European Union member to recognize Palestine. No doubt the controversial step drew added attention because of Sweden’s image as a principled, evenhanded nation, a leader in international policy. Is Sweden’s recognition of Palestine consistent with this image, or does it reflect a less benign historical reality? The latter appears closer to the truth.

In 1937, as Jews were fleeing persecution, Sweden enacted an anti-Jewish law prohibiting kosher meat preparation—a law that is still on the books. In 2001 Sweden passed a law limiting the Jewish practice of ritual circumcision of newborns—a move that the World Jewish Congress called “the first legal restriction on Jewish religious practice in Europe since the Nazi era.”

In 2010 the Jewish Daily Forward in New York reported that Swedish Parliament members attended rallies where anti-Semitic and anti-Israel displays were in evidence, including the burning of Israeli flags and the waving of banners for the terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah. In 2012 Moshe Kantor, president of the European Jewish Congress, said that Sweden had become “a center of anti-Semitism.”


In this context, perhaps Sweden’s recent willingness to officially recognize the “state” of Palestine is not so surprising. In the past few weeks, French socialist lawmakers have reportedly begun preparing a bill to recognize Palestine, and Britain’s House of Commons passed a nonbinding motion urging government recognition of a Palestinian state. The Spanish Parliament is expected to do the same this week. Britain, France and Spain would do well to ponder the Swedish example before following it.  Sweden’s ‘State of Palestine’ Offense BARRY A. FISHER & PETER SICHROVSKY Wall Street Journal 11/17/14

Sadly, global anti-Semitism is on the march in the guise of tolerance towards Islamist savages.  The Islamists want to subjugate all non-Muslim lands, not just Israel. – Grizzly Joe

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