Swedish Neutrality Meaningless in Jihad

Swedish Neutrality Meaningless in Jihad

blog pic gj JPGSweden’s traditional (read “cold war”) neutrality in all things geo-political is meaningless in the new age of Islamic Jihad (a/k/a “savagery from the religion of peace”).  While UBL gave Sweden a “don’t-worry-about-it” pass from Jihad in 2004, Swedes are now traveling to Iraq and Syria to join the battle.  The flip side of the coin is that many refugees from that region, legit and dangerous battle-tested Jihadists, are coming to Sweden in increasing numbers:

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – Sweden, once cited by Osama bin Laden as the kind of country al Qaeda did not attack, is facing a rising threat from Islamist militants because of the crises in Iraq and Syria, its spy chief said in an interview on Friday.

Anders Thornberg told Reuters the number of Swedes traveling to fight in those countries had tripled in the past year, and record immigration to the Nordic country was making it vulnerable to infiltrators from militant groups.

Sweden’s traditional neutrality was long seen as shielding it from militant threats, as acknowledged by al Qaeda leader bin Laden in a speech in 2004. But in recent years it has contributed to military missions in Afghanistan and Mali, both Muslim countries.

Thornberg, head of the SAPO security police, said there were far more radicalized Swedes involved in Syria and Iraq over the past two years than in the previous 10 years of other insurgent campaigns.

“We can see some unholy alliances,” he told Reuters. “Before we had terrorists from North Africa, from Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan. But now all these groups that were divided before have a common cause in going to Syria and Iraq.”

Security services across Europe are troubled by the flow of jihadists to Iraq and Syria and the risk that some will come back home and seek to carry out attacks.

He added that record numbers of asylum seekers from Iraq and Syria – the Swedish Migration Agency expects 90,000 this year – added to the problems of a security service struggling with resources.

“Another threat is through the currents of refugees. We are a generous country, we should be that, but a few people try to misuse the system … to commit terrorist attacks.”

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