Taliban Merely Criminal Dogs Hiding Behind Islam

Taliban Merely Criminal Dogs Hiding Behind Islam

The Taliban “enjoy” using Islam as an excuse for their savage behavior towards others, Muslim (see sharia) and non-Muslim alike.  It never hurts to highlight that the Taliban are merely cowardly dogs like any other crime syndicate.

Large neighborhoods in Pakistan’s biggest metropolis have fallen under the control of the Taliban over the past year, according to residents and officials here, a development that could disrupt the country’s economy and endanger the U.S. military pullout from Afghanistan.

The group has established tribal courts, operates extortion rackets and stages terrorist attacks in the city, the economic heart of Pakistan and its only major port.

[T]he Taliban are so confident of their standing that they have put up posters in some districts with phone numbers to call for residents who need their help.  Karachi has been racked for decades by political violence and organized crime, with many of the main political parties here operating their own extortion gangs. The Taliban are relatively more appealing, at least to fellow members of the Pashtun ethnic group.

The Pashtuns tend to live in poor, rundown neighborhoods on the fringes of Karachi, especially in its northern reaches, where roads lead out of the city. There, Taliban have recruited thugs and taken on foot soldiers from the many illiterate young men who would find it hard to get jobs, residents said. (block quote credit “Taliban Thrive in Pakistani Commercial Hub” Wall Street Journal- 3/28/13)

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