Tea Party Born 240 Years Ago Today

Tea Party Born 240 Years Ago Today

avatar…both Tea Parties reflect a frustration with distant elites- RICHARD SAMUELSON 

On December 16, 1773 the “Original Tea Party” was a single mass protest wherein a boatload (literally!) of tea was tossed into Boston Harbor.  Today’s Tea Party is a ambitious and lively political movement trying to effect change through the political process.  The shared ambitions of both Tea Parties and the scorn heaped upon them are remarkably similar.

There are… several echoes of the original Tea Party in the modern one. In both cases, we have a fight to preserve self-government, legal questions regarding the constitutional limits of the government’s powers and the structure of constitutional government, and the inability of a distant elite to distinguish between vigorous citizens and an unthinking rabble.

Like that of the eighteenth century, today’s establishment has blinders on, assuming that the protesters are poorly educated and perhaps religious zealots, too.

Reading the New York Times, the Huffington Post, Politico, and other like sources [gives one] a false and biased view of the Tea Party.

…both Tea Parties reflect a frustration with distant elites who can hardly be bothered to know or care what most Americans think, and who wish to regulate us more than we would like, often without our direct consent.

[M]any of our Tea Partiers, like their colonial ancestors, want America to be that “city on a hill.” They believe that what is special about America is under attack, and they are, metaphorically, throwing tea into Boston Harbor in the hopes of forcing the establishment to take notice and persuading the rest of the country to rally alongside them. Block quote excerpted from RICHARD SAMUELSON “Happy Birthday, Tea Party” Weekly Standard 12/16/13

Happy Birthday Tea Party! What did you wish for? 🙂 – “Grizzly Joe”

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