Thanksgiving with a Move On Pod Person/Idiot Obama Voter

Thanksgiving with a Move On Pod Person/Idiot Obama Voter

Your humble blogger is at Thanksgiving dinner and starts making small talk with a 20-something relative. Let’s call her “Debbie”. This is a true story, the Libidiocy has not been altered!

Debbie displays a look of complete disgust after I mention who I voted for.  It was the same look I have when I see a dead animal on the side of the road.  She was shocked, truly shocked, that I did NOT vote for Obama!

Question: Why did Debbie vote for Obama?

Firstly, Debbie supported Obama because Romney would have taken away “my right to choose” although she herself would never get an abortion. In fact,  Gov. Romney stated that despite his personal “pro-life” religious beliefs, as President he would make no effort to change the law as it currently relates to killing unborn babies.  Thus, Debbie’s first reason in voting for Obama has no basis in fact.  Moving on. 😉

Next, Debbie said she supported Obama because Romney was going “get us into a war” (???).  Debbie did not want her Military Reserve “Hubby” getting called back to active duty. That specific point is perfectly understandable.  However, one suspects that Debbie does not know that as a reservist, Hubby may get called back to active duty at any time. Further, Debbie seemed blissfully unaware that we are currently in at least one war, the one in Afghanistan.  Moreover, Debbie seemed ignorant that we are also engaged in the war on terror (White House proclamations notwithstanding) wherein jihadist dogs are attempting to attack us on our own soil figuratively, see “Benghazi”, and literally, see “Times Square Bomber”, et al. Thus, Debbie’s second reason in voting for Obama also has no basis in fact.  Moving on. 😉 😉

In response to an actual fact proffered by your humble blogger, Debbie said: “I don’t care what you say I know I’m right.”  Thus, this 20-something who was maybe 13 years old on 9/11/01 thinks she has some omniscient knowledge belying her youth.  Interesting but sad.

Question: Debbie, where did you learn these “facts” about about Gov. Romney?  “Oh, I don’t know, somebody told me.”  YIKES!

Question: So Debbie, what did you think about the debates?  “Oh, I didn’t watch any of the debates.” GAG! (Fortunately, we hadn’t eaten yet, so my stomach was empty.) 

Having just offered this young person my humble opinions, which I believe are factually supported, I realized I had just wasted 10 minutes of my life.  On the positive side I had something to be “thankful” about; Debbie is not a blood relative.  I disengaged from the conversation and started talking to a nice shiny doorknob.

Seriously though, all the while I’m talking with her I’m thinking “I’m actually interacting with one of those living breathing ‘Move On’ pod-persons I’ve seen on the internet!”  I wish I had gotten all this on video, so I could play it for you good folks.  The depth of her ignorance was amazing and disheartening at the same time.

Look, I understand folks have opinions that may be the polar opposite of mine, that’s what America is all about; blah, blah, blah.  But PUH-LEASE, if you are going state an opinion, please have some actual facts (or maybe a half-truth?) to support it!!

Another relative who was on the fringe of this circus of a conversation later asked how I did not get aggravated.  “Look, I’ve had my libidiocy immunization.  Besides, I’m a blogger; I probably just got my article for tomorrow.”  And here YOU are reading it!!

BTW- The actual Thanksgiving meal was fantastic!

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  1. I feel you. My 30 year old son is a lib and when I ask why he reads directly from the liberal talking points bible. My t friend of 40 years voted for O. When I asked her why, she said “well you know I don’t follow politics but I like his family values” Uh yeah.

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