The Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran (Book Review)

The Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran (Book Review)

The Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran By Robert Spencer  Regnery Publishing, Inc, 260 pp., $19.95


“I read the Koran so you don’t have to.”- Robert Spencer

This book does not preach hatred for Muslims. It focuses on the origins of the Koran and specific portions thereof which must be of concern to non-Mulims (“infidels”). The knowledge derived from this book allows us infidels to defend ourselves against the threat of Islamic jihad.

Infidels are anyone who reject Islam.  Don’t follow Islam? Then you are an infidel and an enemy to the Muslims.

There is no question that Islamic Jihad poses a clear and present danger to all non-Muslims. Western mainstream media and, indeed, most western governments would have us believe that Islamic jihad is a concept followed by a small minority of Muslims. This belief reflects an ignorance of the Koran’s precepts. Islam is not merely a religion but an all-encompassing cultural system that does not distinguish between religion and government.

Muslim theology says the Koran was revealed to the Prophet Mohammed by the Angel Gabriel as directed by Allah. Moreover, the Koran has remained unchanged through the centuries. However, Mohammed was illiterate and did not write down the revelations. While some of the Koran may have been written down before Mohammed’s death in 632, the bulk of the Koran were preserved in the memories of Mohammed’s closest allies. The task of collecting Mohammeds revelations in writing began only after Mohammed and other early Muslims started dying off.

The earlier verses (or chapters) of the Koran were revealed to Mohammed early in his life when the Muslims were a small group lacking military power. The later verses revealed to Mohammed came as Muslims were becoming a formidable military adversary.

Muslims hold Islam as the oldest religion on earth predating Judaism and Christianity. Islamic teachings hold that the Koran was revealed to Jews and Christians but that they perverted or twisted Allah’s Koran. This might explain why the Koran includes many biblical stories familiar to Jews and Christians. For instance, the Koran includes a variation of the story of Adam and Eve.

In any event, Mohammed’s prophecies are codified in the current Koran and form the core belief system of over 1 billion Muslims worldwide.

Unfortunately, large numbers of these Muslims actually have no idea of what the Koran instructs. They literally can not read it. The Koran is an Arabic book written in Arabic.  All Muslims are required to recite their prayers in Arabic even if they do not speak or understand Arabic. How does this issue impact the debate about Islamic terrorism? The bottom line is that those Muslims who cannot read the Arabic Koran learned Islam at the local mosque.  That which is taught at the local mosque is only as good as the Iman teaching it.

The problem with Koranic translation is that many phrases of the Koran that seem benign in English (or any non-Arabic language) are in fact quite malignant taken in their original Arabic context. This book does a fine job discussing the issue.

There is an important concept that must be understood when determining whether any particular verse of the Koran must be followed by Muslims today. When an earlier verse in the Koran is contradicted by a subsequent verse the earlier verse is abrogated, canceled out. Mainstream Islamic tradition holds abrogation as an important tool in determining what Muslims are in fact required to do by Allah. Keep in mind, from a pragmatic viewpoint, that the initial verses came down when Mohammed was a powerless prophet. The later verses came down after Mohammed became the leader of a great army. Therefore the later Koranic verses of warfare against infidels takes precedence over the earlier peaceful revelations. The later chapters require war against the infidels.  Thus, Muslims hold that they have an obligation of holy war, jihad, against every non-Muslim.

In the meantime, we infidels need to protect ourselves and defend our free societies. It is futile to pretend the threat to non-Muslims doesn’t exist and for government officials to merely hope that the threat of jihad will merely go away.

Interestingly, the Koran instructs that Allah controls the fate of the infidels. The infidels reject the Islam faith because Allah wills it. The concept of free will is heresy early in Islamic theology. (The question that enters your humble reviewer’s mind is as follows; If we infidels behave as Allah wills it, why do Muslims despise us for following Allah’s will? Taking that thought one step further, why does the Koran, Allah’s unblemished word, condemn us for following that which Allah commands?)

Islam as a religion includes an approved doctrine of deception. The Koran actually permits Muslims to lie where it will serve the furtherance of Islam. Thus even those Muslims who understand that Islam’s early peaceful verses were abrogated by later militant versus are permitted to hold up those earlier versus as proof of Islam as a tolerant and peaceful religion.

Yes, it is true that this book portrays a rather bleak future for us lowely infidels as dictated by the Koran. However the goal of sharing this book with us infidels is done to allow us properly evaluate the threat that Islamic Jihad poses to us and our world.

Bottom line, this book is a must-read!!

Remember- education is our strongest weapon.

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