The Core(anic) Problem with Obama’s Islamist Policy

The Core(anic) Problem with Obama’s Islamist Policy

Here is just one snippet from the testimony of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the Benghazi Hearings yesterday.

“Benghazi did not happen in a vacuum,” Mrs. Clinton said. “The Arab revolutions have scrambled power dynamics and shattered security forces across the region.” WSJ 1/24/13

Can you believe it?  Blame for the Benghazi attack ultimately falls on the “Arab revolutions”.  Talk about passing the buck, eh? (Or should I say “passing the dinar”?)  Clinton refers to the so-called “Arab Spring” protests wherein, according to the mainstream media, freedom-desiring Arabs sought to throw off the shackles of dictatorship.  To what extent those uprisings were legitimate protests against tyrants or merely Muslim Brotherhood contrivances remains to be seen.

More importantly, the statement reflects the continuing intransigence of the Obama Administration to publicly acknowledge the danger posed by the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood movement and like-minded Koranic literalists.  Further, Mrs. Clinton’s verbiage reflects the Obama Administration’s insistence that the “War on Terror” is over despite all evidence to the contrary.  Exhibit “A”- four Americans murdered in Benghazi.

Will no one in our Government be held accountable for the failure of leadership leading up to Benghazi?

4 thoughts on “The Core(anic) Problem with Obama’s Islamist Policy

    • I believe the Arab Spring started out w/ secularists who wanted change but that they were quickly overwhelmed by the Muslim Brotherhood’s thuggish “tactics”. If Obama had reached out very early on to the actual Arab Spring orginators (yea, I know, I’m dreamin here), we’d have an entirely better sitution there now.

  1. The so called ‘Arab Spring’ is the product of this Muslim-riddled administration. No doubt Obama owns Arab spring and Benghazi. And to answer the question, unless there is a term limit (without an “S”), nobody will ever be held accountable in Washington D.C.

    • don’t know I agree w/ you 100% BUT we can agree that we must beware the Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of our political, social & cultural institutions. Look, Al-Jazeera was able to be present at CPAC2013 as a “news organization” BUT Pamella Geller was not welcome by those who rule CPAC. I have a post on this topic last week or so.

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