The Obama Buck Stops Here… or There… Eventually? (series)

The Obama Buck Stops Here… or There… Eventually? (series)

It seems that since President Obama was re-elected (argh!), we have some trickle (or tsunami) of news coming out every day which impugns the integrity of the Obama administration.  I will attempt to post a single story on point every day (except when Obama is golfing?).  Said story will illustrate the idiocy/incompetence of the Obama administration or those who elected him.  I just hope an impeachment over something will cut THIS project to less then 4 years…

UPDATE- 9/27/13; this seemed like a good idea when I started, but the floodgates of bad news in the MSM rendered the exercise irrelevant.

1/3/2013 I’m a wee bit behind on this; will catch up in few days??

12/14 STAY TUNED!!

12/13 Harry Belafonte to Obama: Arrest Entitlement Reformers

12/12 Fiscal Cliff Nears, President Busy With Photo-Ops, Holiday Parties, Golf…

12/11 White House Declines To Condemn Union Violence In Michigan

12/10 West: Obama Can Feel ‘Arrogant’ Because He Hasn’t Been Held Responsible

12/9 Socialist Senator says GOP Senate ‘undemocratic’ for resisting Obama

12/8 Secretary Clinton Agrees to Testify Before House on Benghazi

12/7 Oyster company: Obama Admin’s faulty science shut us down

12/6 Public ‘Inauguration’ Just for Show, Likely to Cost Taxpayers Over $100 Million

12/5 Detroit City Councilwoman to Obama: We Voted for You, Now Bail Us Out!

12/4 Obama Wants a War

12/3 Obama Fiscal Cliff Campaign: ‘It’s All About Politics, Nothing About Economics’

12/2 Boehner “Flabbergasted” at Obama’s Fiscal Plan, Says “We’re Nowhere”

12/1 Angered Staten Island Sandy Victim Tells President Obama: “You Lied”

11/30 Obama’s Actions Suggest That He Wants America to Go Over a Fiscal Cliff

11/29 Carney: Obama ‘not particularly concerned’ that Rice misled the American people

11/28 Unaffordable Cost Seen for Some Under Obama Affordable Care Act

11/27 Obama to Appeal to Public on Fiscal Cliff

11/26 Supreme Court Allows Obamacare Challenge by Liberty U

11/25 Chamber Sidestepped in Obama’s Talks on Avoiding Fiscal Cliff

11/24 The Obama Administration Proposed 80 New Regulations….Yesterday

11/23 WSJ: Obama Mulling Corporate Donations for Inauguration

11/22 U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice Defends Comments on Benghazi Attack

11/21 Panetta: War on Al-Qaida Taking New Direction

11/20 Obama Asia Tour Doesn’t Go Exactly According to Plan

11/19 EPA Head Used Secret Email to Hide Documents

11/18 White House Neglected Ambassador’s Security, Manipulated Facts of Death

11/17 36 Obama aides owe $833,970 in back taxes – media silent

11/16 Obama Consults With ‘Civil Rights Leaders’ On Fiscal Talks

11/15 Bill Clinton to Romney: Hurricane Helped Obama Re-election

11/14 Obama Presser: ‘They Should Go After Me’ Not Rice

11/13 Petraeus Investigation- Breach of National Security At Highest Levels?

11/12 Papa John’s and Applebee’s Warn of Obamacare Cuts

11/11 Holder Hid Wife’s Abortion Clinic  (Missed this one, didn’t ya?)

11/10 Second Woman Identified in Petraeus Scandal

11/9 CIA Chief Petraeus Resigns

11/8 Obama Hid Iranian Attack on US Drone Before Election

11/7 Despite Obama’s Win, 48% Disapprove of Job Performance

11/6 Election Day “The day the USA was flushed down the socialist occu-toilet.”  

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