The Project: The Sealed Files… (DVD review)

The Project: The Sealed Files That Would Expose the Tangled Web (DVD review)

The Blaze Documentary Films 2012 DVD 90 mins “No Rating”

“There are better documentaries that explore the Islamist deception of the Muslim Brotherhood.”–

A documentary that opens with an (apparently) exaggerated “foreign” accent reading a Muslim Brotherhood manifesto generally would get no further attention from your humble blogger.  Nevertheless, I watched the entire DVD for the express purpose of writing this review. There are better documentaries that explore the Islamist deception of the Muslim Brotherhood.  However, this documentary does have some value, especially for one who may be new to the Counter Jihad.

I purchased this DVD specifically to learn more about the Islamist manifesto known as The Project; a Muslim Brotherhood document discovered by Swiss law enforcement authorities shortly after September 11, 2001.  That manifesto lays out a plan for Islamist infiltration of non-Islamic societies/governments with the ultimate goal of instilling Islamic Sharia law over the entire world.  This documentary does use The Project as a framework to structure the discussion.  However, this DVD is not truly about The Project, thus the title is misleading to Counter Jihadists.  I learned nothing new about The Project from this DVD.

Let me be absolutely clear; if you are newly interested in the Counter Jihad and just now starting to learn about the Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of America, this DVD will be of use to you.  You will most certainly be exposed to issues that you will want to explore further.  Indeed, I found some threads that will further my own research although not nearly enough threads to justify the time I spent watching this.

The introductory argument herein is that America has been attacked in this manner before and uses the “Red Scare” and “McCarthyism” generally to argue that the Muslim Brotherhood is trying to overtake America by way of social/political infiltration as some thought Communists and Socialists were trying to do.  Far too much time is spent here in reviewing the relevant history; the point is made and then repeated ad nauseam.

“The Project” posits that the job of the intelligence community after the attacks of 9/11/01 was not to define true Islam, but to define the branch of Islam that would try to kill us, certainly a valid premise.  Thus the difficulties of researching, explaining and discussing the Islamist movement are explored.  Also explored is the wall of “political correctness” that shuts down legitimate inquiry into the Islamist agenda.  (“Islamist movement” is defined by this blog as those Muslims who would impose the Islamic faith on non-Muslims by any means necessary; this naturally includes the likes of Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.)  Valid points are made in discussing how one is labeled “Islamaphobe” and “racist” when questioning anything Islamic, especially the true motives of the Muslim Brotherhood and its myriad associated fronts (The Council on American Islamic Relations, CAIR, is probably best-known to the general public).

This DVD is much longer than it needs to be and could have better focused on what we finally learn is the ultimate goal of this production; the unsealing by the Federal Government of those documents disclosed to the criminal defendants in the Holy Land Foundation terrorist funding prosecution.  I know, I know. “Huh? Why is he suddenly talking about the Holy Land Foundation and what the heck is the Holy Land Foundation?”  My friends, this is exactly how the DVD plays out in my humble opinion.

So, this is not by any measure the best Counter Jihad documentary I have seen/reviewed.

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