“The Third Jihad” (DVD Review)

“The Third Jihad” (DVD Review)

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I just watched “The Third Jihad” DVD that the liberal/PC media was all up in arms about. The short story is that an NYPD sargeant in a single precinct put it on a continuous loop in an administrative office. What follows is a review of the DVD w/o ANY media filtering or “activist” censorship. The full title of the film is “The Third Jihad Radical Islam’s Vision for America“. At the very beginning the film states that a small percentage of the world’s Muslims are radical. Featured speakers include former New York City Mayor Rudolph Guiliani, NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly and Tom Ridge, former Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. The film seeks to educate Americans about the threat posed by Islamic extremists. This is not a “chicken-little-the-sky-is-falling” type documentary. The simple message is that radical Islam presents a very real danger to American society. Media critiques of this DVD cited its inclusion of an image of the Muslim flag flying over the White House. This image is part of a propaganda film from a jihadist group. We learn that Sharia law has no regard for human rights. For example, women’s and gay rights are non-existent in Sharia law. Sharia law is shown for the barbaric sytem it is. The danger of underestimating the problem of homegrown Islamic terrorists is shown very clearly. The cultural aspect of American Jihad includes the duplicitous use of our laws and rights to work towards the overthrow of American society. It further reports that Wahhabism, radical Saudi Arabian Islam, is dominant in many American mosques. Recall that most of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudis. The group that protested most vehemently against the NYPD showing this DVD, The Council on American-Islamic Relations (“CAIR”), is exposed in this DVD for the jihadist front it is. While CAIR masquerades as a moderate Muslim group they are in reality practicing jihadist deception. Cair officially denounces only the terrorist group Al Qaeda but refuses to denounce Hamas or Hezbollah. We learn Cair was established by a Hamas front group. We also learn that the Muslim Brotherhood in North America has published a manifesto which describes its work in America as a “Grand Jihad”. The basic premise of this documentary is that Americans needs to understand that the jihadist machinery is already present within American society. The bottom-line is that our very freedom and liberty are at stake due to the infiltration of Islamic extremists in America. There is nothing wrong with showing this DVD to all Americans as an educational documentary.  It does not condemn all Muslims as terrorists. It is clear that the only folks who would not want this DVD shown are the very people the DVD warns us about, the Islamic Jihadists are already on our soil. This film MUST be part of all American law-enforcement Academy recruit training. Further the film MUST be part of all law-enforcement agency annual in-service training. ISSUES: Did the NYPD even bother to watch “The Third Jihad” it before distancing itself from this educational documentary to appease CAIR? Further, how did CAIR and the Muslim community in general become aware that this DVD was shown in the administrative room of a single precinct? Are Islamic extremist sleeper agents already in the NYPD? “The Third Jihad” must be shown to all NYPD recruits in the Academy to make them aware of the extremist mindset. The education gained will open their eyes and minds to recognize evidence of potential Islamic extremists they encounter on routine patrol. Our law enforcement officers are all that stand between us and the Islamic extremists. Wake up America!

This DVD runs 72 minutes. I strongly recommend seeing this movie for yourself and sharing it with others. What do you think about this review, or, if you’ve seen it, the film itself? Please leave comments or share this article via the buttons below. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. One must remember that the truth is the new “hate speech” and so everyone must be careful….. Bluntly put – Islam is THE crime against humanity!

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