This is Your Social Media #FreeSpeech in Islam

This is Your Social Media #FreeSpeech in Islam

best blog USAThe brand of Islam widely observed in the Middle East simply does not permit freedom of expression.  It is equally clear that the “extremist” brand of Islam will violently suppress any speech that questions Islamic theology. (see Charlie Hebdo massacre)  America’s Islamic allies in the Gulf States also suppress free speech. Witness the plight of a Kuwaiti “opposition activist” who tweeted something about Saudi Arabia:

KUWAIT (Reuters) – Kuwait arrested an opposition activist on suspicion of insulting Saudi Arabia on his Twitter account, the state news agency KUNA reported, extending a crackdown on social media.

Tariq al-Mutairi, head of the liberal Civil Democratic Movement (CDM), was detained on his way home early on Wednesday by men in plainclothes believed to be from the state security service, the news website said, quoting another activist who was in the same car.

KUNA, quoting an Interior Ministry statement, said Mutairi was arrested for “publishing a number of tweets insulting the sister Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”. The content of the posts was not clear. Kuwaiti law bans insults of friendly states.

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