Time is Ripe for Conservatism to Defeat Liberalism

Time is Ripe for Conservatism to Defeat Liberalism

Rest in peace Liberalism, we knew you all too well.

The current state of affairs in America, courtesy of the Obama Administration, has brought Conservatives and Liberals to a face off best illustrated metaphorically as a shoot-out from the great Hollywood Westerns.  (Sadly for them, Liberals would be massively out-gunned in this scenario due to their disdain for the 2nd Amendment.)  Under ObamaCare Americans are unexpectedly losing their health insurance policies even as the Obama Administration naively tries to negotiate Islamist Iran away from achieving nuclear weaponry.  Conditions are thusly ideal for Conservatives to run Liberals out of town permanently.

Under Obama, Iran keeps its nuclear program and Americans lose their health insurance.

This is a moment that reveals the bankruptcy of contemporary liberalism.  It’s also a moment of truth for American conservatism…

[T]he immediate task of American conservatives: resistance to the nanny state at home and the enemies of freedom abroad.

The spirit of resistance is there.

[W]ith legislation in the House this week to allow Americans to keep their current health plans if they wish, congressional Republicans seem to be getting their act together in opposing Obamacare.

[Meanwhile] at the center of gravity of world politics is the question of a nuclear Iran. Here the Republican task is more difficult, for Congress has less leverage over and less ability to shape foreign policy.  [But] Republicans can say that if the Obama administration is committed to doing nothing to stop that program, they will support our ally Israel if she chooses to act on her own, and on our, behalf.

Now is surely the time for the Tea Party and the establishment to put aside some of their differences for the sake of their party, and their country. Block quote excerpted from William Kristol “The Republican Task: No Obamacare, No Iran Nukes” Weekly Standard 11/18/13

Those who voted for Obama (a/k/a The Billy Mays of Politics) the first time made a huge mistake which empowered Liberalism.  Whether those voters fell under the spell of “Hope and Change” or wanted to brag they helped elect the first President of color may be forgiven their error.  Everyone makes mistakes.  However, most mistakes do not threaten the very stability of a once-great country.  As for those that elected Obama to a second term, one can only advise “fool me once shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”  Rest in peace Liberalism, we knew you all too well. – Grizzly Joe

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