Top 10 Reasons NOT to Cover George Zimmerman

Top 10 Reasons NOT to Cover George Zimmerman

Enough of that Canadian crack-smoking mayor also, eh?

Why does the mainstream media jump with George’s Zimmerman’s every misstep?  Even Fox News is wasting valuable air-time better spent on other issues.  Your humble blogger suggests that the media might better spend its resources covering the following national and global issues. (full disclosure; all but # 1 are links to Occupy Bawl Street articles) – Grizzly Joe 

10) Obama Foreign Policy Doctrine is “Stumble Around and Carry a Wet Noodle”

9)   Obama Seeks to Eliminate U.S. Nuclear Defense Arsenal

8)   Politicians on Both Sides are Grandstanding to Heighten Their Political Profile

7)   Islamist Has Infiltrated the House of Representatives

6)   Al Jazeera America is a “Legitimate” News Organization

5)   Obama Wants to Limit Future Presidents’ Counter Jihad Options

4)   Obama Administration STILL Labels Fort Hood Attack as “Workplace Violence”!

3)   Iran Will Soon Have Nukes

2)   Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi…

1)   Doctor Who Helped Us Get Bin Laden is Still in Pakistani Jail! “Free Dr. Afridi”


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