TRAYVON MARTIN Shooting- Civil Rights Activism or Racist Opportunism?

TRAYVON MARTIN Shooting- Civil Rights Activism or Racist Opportunism?


The Florida shooting of a young black man naturally brings self-styled civil rights “activist” Al Sharpton out of the woodwork and before the massive crush of self-perpetuating media attention. Is Sharpton a civil rights activist or merely a racist opportunist? More cynically, is he using this unfortunate incident to inflate the ratings of his “Politics Daily” program on MSNBC? Yes, MSNBC is apparently STILL on the air! Sharpton has featured the shooting story on his program, an unprecedented blurring of the lines separating real world “activism” and on-air reporting/commentary. My low opinion of Sharpton is influenced by his involvement in the Tawana Brawley case in the late 1980s. Brawley, a young black girl, created an elaborate hoax to avoid punishment for violating her curfew, claiming she had been assaulted by several white man. Sharpton quickly took up her cause and accused specific white men of being her assailants. In the end the story was proven to be totally FALSE. (New York Times archive here) In the intervening years, Sharton’s skills at stirring the racism pot have only increased. Now we find Sharpton attached to the parents of the dead young man. Notice how adept Sharpton is at positioning himself when the cameras are rolling. There is no doubt that Sharpton and those behind him have are very experienced in manipulating the mainstream media lap-dogs.

Also in this mix of supposed do-gooders is the Rev. Jesse Jackson. Rev. Jackson’s relevance today is purely that of an iconic historical figure from the vanguard of the entirely legitimate 1960s Civil Rights Movement. None of us will forget the picture of Jackson standing on the that apartment complex balcony next to the deceased Rev. Martin Luther King, pointing in the direction of where the shot came from. Sadly, Rev. Jackson’s possibly well-intentioned Rainbow Coalition evolved into something more akin to an extortion racket. (Jesse Jackson Exposed)

Finally, we have the gratuitous comments of president Obama that “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” Is the President trawling for votes from his base, the liberal and black communities? Have we not heard the President comment on the Occupy riots because that would cost him votes?

In the end one is compelled to ponder, why do these three men NOT focus their energies on the far more prevalant problem of black-on-black crime in America? I conclude that they instead choose to seize on the tragic death of a young black man in furtherance of their cynical racist opportunism.

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