TX Muslim Helped Mexican Friend Join ISIS

TX Muslim Helped Mexican Friend Join ISIS

blog pic gj JPGTwo take-aways from this story which broke today:  1) Apparently we now have Mexican converts to Islam.  Great. Maybe now we can enhance border security at least along our southern border?   2) An apparently Muslim family tricked this Texas Muslim to return to America because they did not want him joining ISIS.  Exhibit “A” in opposition to those who say Muslim-Americans are doing nothing to stem the flow of AMERICAN fighters to ISIS:

WASHINGTON—The Justice Department Tuesday accused a 20-year-old Texas man of helping a friend travel to Syria to fight with Islamic State last year.

Federal agents arrested Asher Abid Khan on a charge of conspiring to provide material support to the group. Mr. Khan allegedly worked with a friend, whom he described in Facebook messages as a Mexican convert to Islam, to get to Syria, according to a criminal complaint unsealed Tuesday.

Mr. Khan, who lived with a relative in Australia, had planned to join Islamic State too and traveled to Turkey, according to the complaint. But he returned to Texas, where he had previously lived, after his worried family tricked him into thinking his mother was desperately ill. (emphasis added- OBS)

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