Underwear Bomb Leaks Benefit Obama

Underwear Bomb Leaks Benefit Obama

In my post “Loose Lips Sink Future CIA Operations” (Wednesday 5/9/12), about the leaks surrounding the latest underwear bomb plot, I wrote “…who would stand to gain from the release of this highly sensitive information, aside from the Jihadists themselves?  The one person benefitting from these leaks is President Obama who (coincidentally?) just launched his re-election campaign.  Politics at it’s very worst!”

So, do great minds think alike…? This article “Leak About Al Qaeda Plot and Double Agent Helps CIA, Could Scare Terrorists” (Thursday 5/10/12), despite the preposterous premise of its title, supports my thought that the CIA leak helps President Obama personally; ‘Obama White House officials, however, ‘are probably not terribly upset about it,’ says Clifford May, president of the Washington-based Foundation for Defense of Democracies. ‘It’s generally good publicity for them.’

Translation; the leak can only help President Obama’s re-election campaign despite the very real harm it does to the United State’s long-term anti-terrorism efforts.  The President’s re-election is thus more important to some folks (ie. Obama and/or his supporters) then the clear and present danger presented to all of us by Islamic Jihad!

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