WaPo Repeats Lame CAIR Attack on Pamela Geller

WaPo Repeats Lame CAIR Attack on Pamela Geller

geller-finalThe Washington Post joins the great pile-on of folks left, right and center condemning Pamela Geller since her Mohammed Art Exhibit was literally attacked by armed Jihadists:

The recent spectacle of Pamela Geller, the erstwhile journalist who organized a provocative contest in Texas of cartoons of the prophet Muhammad, gives pause to even the most passionate defenders of the First Amendment.

Not since Westboro Baptist Church’s “God Hates Fags” message and Florida pastor Terry Jones burning the Koran has the principle of free speech been so sullied and abused. (emphasis added- OBS) Click here to view full article at www.washingtonpost.com

YIKES! Pamela Geller is the moral equivalent of Terry Jones and Westboro Baptist Church?  She MUST be an evil person, right?  But wait, where have we heard this comparison before?

Oh, right, the very same argument was made by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) in its nonsensical report Legislating Fear — Islamophobia and its Impact in the United States.

In dissembling CAIR’s report (Burning CAIR’s Islamophobia Report OBS 10/7/13), I wrote (emphasis added today):

To frame their thesis, CAIR lumps a number of individuals and organizations into an “American Islamophobia network.” Sounds ominous, doesn’t it? (Full Disclosure: this writer has met and/or written about at least five members of this “network”.)

Included in this network is (purported) Pastor Terry Jones (p. 27), he who has a pyromaniacal fixation with the Koran that the mainstream media is always eager to highlight. Also in this report is the Westboro Baptist Church (p. 133), the folks who protest at funerals of fallen soldiers to advance their twisted anti-gay agenda. Jones and Westboro are religious fanatics occupying a point so far right on the political spectrum as to render them wholly irrelevant to the path this report attempts to travel. The uninformed reader, one unfamiliar with the core subject matter of this report, would see Jones and Westboro here and conclude that all the other alleged Islamophobes in this report must be equally bad. Thusly one of CAIR’s rhetorical tricks is revealed.

I also noted that (again, emphasis added today):

Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs is of particular concern to CAIR. “In September 2012, [Geller’s Stop the Islamization of Nations] hosted [English Defence League] Tommy Robinson at a rally at the UN detailing a war on free expression. Robinson was later arrested for entering the United States on a false passport.” (p. 35) That “rally” was actually a daylong conference on September 11, 2012 hosted by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch. The conference explored, among other issues, whether some Muslim groups seek to suppress free speech and Western notions of liberty. Issue: why did CAIR chose to be ambiguous about the exact date the conference was held? Note well that this was also the date of the Benghazi embassy attack by Islamic Jihadists. Does CAIR seek to censor Ms. Geller’s and Mr. Robinson’s freedom to speak about a perceived conflict between Islam and Western free speech? Recognize also how CAIR mischaracterizes and dismisses the potentially positive educational value of the SION conference with a single sentence noting Mr. Robinson’s passport issue upon his return to Great Britain. What is CAIR’s true agenda?

Indeed, what is CAIR’s true agenda and why does The Washington Post surreptitiously support CAIR’s agenda by using the very same “they’re all evil” rhetoric in attacking Ms. Geller? – Grizzly Joe

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