Cops Are People Too!

Cops Are People Too!Police are people too!In recent months, all too many on the left have tried to demonize and dehumanize police officers for political gain.  The officers who stand between us and total anarchy are portrayed as thugs who merely want to kill and brutalize the citizens they are sworn to protect.  The video following this story is difficult to watch but totally destroys the myth of “police as unfeeling savages.” – Grizzly Joe 

(via FoxNews) Heartbreaking dash cam video captures a Montana police officer breaking down in tears moments after he shoots an unarmed suspect during a traffic stop.

Billings Police Officer Grant Morrison shot and killed 38-year-old Richard Ramirez when he allegedly saw Ramirez repeatedly dropping his left hand to his waist.

Dash cam video shows that Ramirez, who was a meth addict and had been named as the suspect in a robbery and shooting the night before, was told multiple times to raise his hands before he was shot.

Officers did not find a weapon in the vehicle, just a syringe.

A coroner’s jury ruled last week that the April 2014 shooting was a noncriminal, justifiable homicide.

OccupyBawlStreet video 2:35 (NO ADS!)

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