WHAT? @Salon- “Men & Women Equal Under Islam”

WHAT? @Salon- “Men & Women Equal Under Islam”

islam female equalA Salon headline “Ben Carson slanders Islam: Here’s exactly why his claims about Muslims are dead wrong” promises to show that Dr. Carson’s views of Orthodox Muslims are off-base as some assert. One would think the piece might answer the question “Is @RealBenCarson CORRECT on Islam?“.  Well, short story, the Salon article doesn’t deliver what the headline promises.  The piece is pure trash.  Salon attributes several characterizations of Islam to Dr. Carson without proper citation (ie. no links!!) although the characterizations of Orthodox Islam therein are generally correct.  One might relegate Salon’s article to the virtual trash can before finding this idiotic statement at the very end:

For example, far from Dr. Carson’s claim that in Islam women are subservient, Islam gave women equal rights in 610 that our own United States haven’t given even in 2015. To this day America has not passed the Equal Rights Amendment. Meanwhile the Quran 33:36 emphatically declares the equality of men and women:

‘Surely, men who submit themselves to God and women who submit themselves to Him…God has prepared for all of them forgiveness and a great reward.’

“Islam gave women equal rights…”  Seriously? Salon conveniently ignores the rape of female children and women at the hands of Islamic State, they who follow the true Islam (Orthodox Islam, Koranic Literalism, call it what you will).  Surely if men and women are equal under Islam, as Salon asserts, the savage use of females as sex toys would not be happening, yes? – Grizzly Joe

*****ADDENDUM***** MUST READ!!!!

Whereas I get off VERY easy dismissing the Salon piece as “pure trash,” Robert Spencer dissects the entire article, and exposes the author for the clown he is:

Ahmadi Muslim leader Qasim Rashid slanders Ben Carson, lies about Islam JihadWatch.org 01/4/15

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