Where in the World is Jerusalem?

Where in the World is Jerusalem?

avatarAmerican political stupidity & the ongoing saga of Israel vs. Muslim savages

This is yet another “you gotta be kidding me” issue from the school of American political stupidity.  It arises from the ongoing saga of Israel versus the Muslim savages:

Since 1948, successive U.S. presidents have taken the position that Jerusalem is a city without a country, pending the conclusion of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. Under State Department policy, personal-status documents of Jerusalem-born U.S. citizens… list only the city “Jerusalem” as the passport holder’s place of birth, and not Israel. That Jerusalem has, as a matter of fact, been the seat of Israel’s government for almost seven decades is of no relevance to the State Department.

In 2002 Congress stepped in and passed a law that directs the Secretary of State to permit U.S. citizens born in Jerusalem to choose to list “Israel” as their place of birth. The purpose of the law was to provide citizens… the opportunity to self-identify as being born in Israel.  But Presidents Bush and Obama have refused to implement the statute, citing what they called the president’s “exclusive” powers to direct the nation’s foreign affairs and to recognize the boundaries of foreign powers.


The right question to ask, then, is whether the executive branch is free to ignore Congress’s directives whenever legislation touches on foreign affairs. Successive presidents have taken the position that it is, yet there are two major problems with this position.

First, you can search the Constitution from beginning to end for an exclusive commitment of foreign-affairs authority to the president. You won’t find it…

Second, the Supreme Court has repeatedly pushed back against broad assertions of exclusive executive power that… purport to negate reasonable legislation by Congress…. Is Jerusalem in Israel? Ask the Supreme Court AKIVA SHAPIRO Wall Street Journal 10/31/14

It is time for the United States to get a backbone when it comes to standing by Israel’s side against Islam.  Here’s hoping the Supreme Court comes to the correct conclusion. –Grizzly Joe

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